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J Balvin will become the first artist to have his own Monopoly

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Although he is one of the most controversial reggaeton artists today, J Balvin continues to be a success and now it has been announced that it will have its own Monopolybeing the first artist to have one.

Through his Instagram account, the singer posted a video in which he appears enjoying his own game, which caught the attention of his fans.

“I already have my own Monopoly,” the performer wrote in the description of the material.

in office also includes a video with a group of people, who have fun playing and at the end comes the phrase “Coming Soon” (“Coming Soon”).

This is how the Colombian singer will become the first artist to have his own game of this famous franchise.

Until, Neither Balvin nor the brand has confirmed when this product will go on sale.

Monopoly Special Editions

As we know It’s a board game, based on the exchange and the sale of real estate (usually inspired by street names in a certain city).

Currently, Hasbro owns this concept and is one of the best sellers in the world.

There have therefore also been several collaborations and adaptations with series, films, characters and video games.

Some special editions available are Monopoly Standard and Monopoly Deluxe.

The most recent is Monopoly Empire, in which players can own major international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Paramount, Samsung and McDonald’s. This edition of the game is after Monopoly City, in which you can create your own city with 80 different buildings.

J Balvin will become the first singer to appear in this famous franchise, reaffirming the success it has achieved in recent years.

Source metroecuador.com

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