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“I’ve always been loud”: rapper Eko Fresh on the key moments of his founding life

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“Celebrating my birthday at McDonalds was the ultimate goal I could never reach” – rapper Eko Fresh on his childhood.

Eko Fresh started rapping when he was 15 years old. At that time, neither he nor the singing language was known in Germany and he still used his real name Ekrem Bora. But all that would soon change: the popularity of hip-hop grew and Ekrem Bora was discovered at an event at the age of 16. Since then he has been in the spotlight as Eko Fresh.

With his debut album “I’m young and I need the money” in 2003, he was in the German top 20 for seven weeks at the age of 20. Her biggest hit was her album “Eksodus” and the single “Du hat mein Herz roto”, which she wrote for Yvonne Catterfeld. Both topped the charts for weeks.

Besides music, Eko also started out as an actor, founding his own label and launching two startups: first the kiosk delivery service Liefertüte and now a similar concept with Liefertürke. As its name suggests, this is a Turkish food delivery service.

How does someone who has been in the public eye since their teens not lose touch with reality? And what was Eko Fresh like before his success? In the flashback interview he tells us some details.

Eko, what do you think?namely Would your friends see you? describe?

I’m sure my friends describe me as hard-working, caring, and a little crazy, and they might be right about that.

Rap star, actor, startup founder: do you have a secret to success?

Throughout my career, I have always tried to work with people for the long haul and maintain the proper trust. I’ve had the same music producer for almost 15 years.

The same goes for my video producer at the time, who came to me at some point with the idea for our startup. Now we are working together again, this time in Liefertürke. I simply believe in people and their abilities.

Who had the most influence on you during your childhood?

It must have been my mother. She was a single mother and she instilled a good dose of humility in me. In my 20 years in the entertainment industry, I definitely took off, but thanks to her I quickly returned to normal.

What have you learned from her?

Through her, I saw from the beginning what it means to work. We didn’t have much, but my mother always made sure we didn’t lack for anything. I got my entire stock catalog from her.

What childhood event do you remember fondly?

I think I had a good childhood, not comparable to the current one. Every time my uncle went to Phantasialand with me, we talked about it for years. For me, celebrating a birthday at McDonalds was the ultimate goal I could never achieve.

How is that different today?

Then we discover the world in a completely different way. Today I have the feeling that children should be offered something new every day because they get bored very easily.

what it was in your time Dream job?

My mother told me recently that I always wanted to be an actor. After all those years in show business and entrepreneurship, I can say that acting in movies is one of my highlights. I have also learned a lot for my work in startups from this type of project, where everyone pursues a common goal.

Who was your role model or idol back then?

Some of my role models were Jay-Z or Puff Daddy. They recognized early on that music is not the end of the line. I also admired his ambition and business skills. For me, rappers were already influencers in the 90s, but back then I still had to get everyone to listen. Today rappers play the halftime show at the Superbowl. Other than that, hip hop is the biggest subculture on the planet.

When you were in school, were you more likely to be found in a group or Lonely On my way?

In fact, I was always the leader of our group in elementary school. Later in high school, I was elected class representative every year and once even student representative. After a few years, the teacher asked us if we still had to vote or if Ekrem would do it again anyway.

Why were you always the leader of the pack?

I think the others just trusted me to do the right thing. And speak for everyone. I was always loud and hopefully funny at times, I knew what was cool and what wasn’t. He liked basketball and hip-hop music. My team has always been made up of different people with different backgrounds. We all had the same sense of humor and enthusiasm for the future.

With what Did they get you noticed when you were young??

I tried from the beginning to establish something on my own. When I was 16, I organized an event where rappers from Berlin performed. And that’s exactly where I was discovered and was able to set foot in the business.

When I see 16-year-olds today, I am always amazed at how I managed to do it. What I learned from him: You should not underestimate anyone.

how it began later your path to self-employment?

My only administrative job was as a temp at a skate shop when I was 15 years old. Two years later my career took off and there was no turning back. Since then I have known nothing but self-employment. I feel it, I live it and I breathe it in all its ups and downs. Of course you always meet people who help you and you help them back, but don’t forget: yourself and constantly. When it comes down to it, YOU have to act.

What experiences do you have with your first startup delivery bag made?

Sometimes one idea leads to the next. We were able to pull out sensors and learn from the delivery bag. Now we are ready for the next step!

Do you have any weaknesses that have made it difficult for you to start your own startup?

Nobody is perfect! I am grateful for my failures because they teach me how not to do it next time. I don’t pray for money, I pray for knowledge. Because once I know, I can always start over and be successful. I’m always working on the next thing, I can’t stop. The money comes.

excuse me was that for you now set up a turkish delivery?

It felt very natural since I have known my partners for so long. They were responsible for my visual content for years and it was routine for us to put ideas together and build things from scratch. We can do it better than anyone! The Broke Days taught us that. We can do wonders on a small budget. Wait and see: when the budget gets fat, where will it go?

How are you different today than before your success?

I have developed my character over the years. Due to my notoriety, it all happened in front of everyone’s eyes. I always say, “Most of them don’t even like their 16-year-old photos,” but I have a fully documented history in the public domain. That is, once you get it up and running and find its learning curve, which is great.

What does that mean for your daily life?

I think things can go through the roof because I’ve witnessed it countless times. Also, being known gives me a sense of security that I can build on and hopefully make the best possible decisions.

Last but not least: Is there any good advice that accompanies you every day?

One of my fellow actors once said to me, “You’re you, right? So if they’re looking for you, they’ll take you.” I always say: trust the process, it will happen. And don’t settle for what society has destined for you

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