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Iturgaiz: “Sánchez has a unique opportunity to break with Bildu in Ermua and if not, his presence would not be understandable”

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The President of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, has confirmed that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has “a unique opportunity” this Sunday in the tribute to Miguel Ángel Blanco in Ermua “to break with Bildu and stop being the to “his partner” in a party “run by ETA leaders”. If not, he warned, “his presence would be incomprehensible”.

In an interview granted to Radio Euskadi and collected by Europa Press, the President of the Popular Basques reflected that Sánchez will be held this Sunday in the institutional act on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of the PP Mayor Miguel Ángel Blanco , “a unique opportunity, in front of the King and all of Spain, to break with Bildu and stop being “partners” of a party “led by the heads of ETA” and that this week in Pamplona City Council “has refused to murder to condemn to Miguel Ángel Blanco”.

In his opinion, “if he didn’t do that, his presence would be incomprehensible” in the honor. “How do you want to talk about Miguel Ángel Blanco if you agree, negotiate with those who justify the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco, with those who are members of ETA? It would be an affront to Sánchez, also to what the spirit of Ermua is and what the looks of Miguel Ángel Blanco mean,” he explained.

As he has indicated, “It would be an affront to Ermua to be visited by a person who whitewashes and boasts that he agrees with the party led by ETA bosses and that he will agree with them this week on historical memory “. although, in his opinion, “what they agree on is Sánchez’s hysterical memory”.

“Because the hysterical is irrational behavior, it is irrational to victimize the executioners on behalf of the ETA bosses who currently govern in Bildu and in the government of Sanchez because he is the preferred partner of the PSOE and of Sanchez” , has hinted.

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Source europapress.es

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