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‘It’s sad’: Carlos Vives tells how Shakira is after her victory

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Carlos Vives, close friend of Shakira revealed how the singer is doing after parting ways with Pique. The interpreter stayed in touch with the Colombian and supported her in these difficult times.

Carlos Vives defends Shakira from rumors against him

the singer of The bike, defended Shakira and recalled that she is a strong woman who does not let herself be defeated by anything, even though he is going through difficult times.

In an interview with Europa Press, Vives said:

“For me, it has always been a source of pride, because I have seen what a warrior she has always been”

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She also talked about how she is as a friend and as a person and how proud he is to have a relationship with her.

“Faithful, a beautiful friend. A great person, I think he’s a beautiful human being, as well as a good artist”

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He also said he stayed in touch and she herself revealed to him how she felt about the situation she was going through:

“I know she was sad, I sent her a little kiss and she said this to me: I’m sad…yes, definitely, yes I feel sad and she’s sad. It’s a very difficult and when you have such a beautiful family”

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Asked about alleged infidelity by Pique, he said he did not believe on this information and recalled how his meetings with the footballer had gone.

“No. Brainy. The one I met no. Of course, a very polite, very decent person. Always very special to me, as we love Shaki very much, he has always been very frank with me, because of this affection .

Also He defended her when he learned that some of Pique’s colleagues might call her “La patrona” in a derogatory way:

“It’s not possible, don’t tell me that shit…they call me the boss. Women have to be the bosses, women are the ones who have to rule us if we want things to go well”

After announcing their separation, Shakira’s friends and family showered her with messages and signs of affection. Ricky Martin was one of the first to send his support through social networks.

In a clip shared by the singer, the famous can be seen showing cards with words to her father while he repeats them. It’s part of the cognitive therapy he has to undergo after the blow he suffered.

Ricky wrote a few words to let her know he’s with her during this difficult time.

“Much strength! Blessings.”

The public recalled that the two have known each other since the beginning of their careers and have been friends for several years, so her post comes as no surprise.

Source metroecuador.com

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