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It’s Never Too Late: A 101-Year-Old Man Receives His High School Report Card

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Merrill Pittman Cooper may be the oldest high school graduate in the world. At the age of 101, the man received his high school certificate.

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It’s not too late in life for anything. Merrill Pittman Cooper, who just received his high school diploma, also represents this truism. The man is 101 years old.

Cooper holds the honorary degree “for his achievements” at the former high school College of warehousemen and received “beyond”, said the educational institution Jefferson County Schools on monday with

Cooper had attended school in the small town of Harpers Ferry from 1934 to 1938. However, the conclusion was frustrated by the “circumstances of life”, he writes. Jefferson County Schools. The teenager had to move to Philadelphia with his mother “for financial reasons.”

A dream come true

Four years ago, Cooper, who worked in transportation and became a union vice president, visited the old Storer campus. In relation to this, he expressed his regret for not having finished high school, according to the educational institution.

Then her family members took the initiative and contacted the Jefferson County Schools. A “collaboration with local, provincial and state authorities to honor Mr. Cooper, his time at Storer and his life beyond school” followed.

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