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Italian Prime Minister Draghi misses the target of a vote of confidence


Status: 07/20/2022 8:40 p.m.

Italian Prime Minister Draghi wins a vote of confidence in the Senate, but his coalition refuses to give him broad support. Now his resignation is in the room again.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi clearly missed the broad approval he wanted in the confidence vote in the Senate. The 74-year-old won the vote by 95 votes to 39, but three of his coalition partners, Lega, Forza Italia and the Five Star Movement, did not vote.

Draghi failed to settle the government crisis in Italy. It is likely that he could once again offer his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella. Mattarella had rejected a first request to resign last week.

In a first reaction, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio of the party Insieme per il futuro (Together for the future) accused the politicians of failure. “The future of Italians has been staked. The consequences of this tragic election will go down in history,” Di Maio said. “From tomorrow, nothing will be like before,” said former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. But today, we must thank Mario Draghi.

Italy’s latest government crisis was sparked by the Five Star Movement last week. She had not participated in the vote on an aid decree linked to a vote of confidence in Draghi. Draghi then announced his resignation to President Mattarella – which Mattarella refused.


Source www.tagesschau.de

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