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It was Greeicy and Mike Bahía’s first trip with their grandson.

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The artist vallecaucana Greeicy Rendon It is one of the most beloved nationally, since it has gone through reality shows such as X Factor and Look Who’s Dancingin addition to performing songs that made him much more popular and loved among his followers.

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Through their social networks, Greeicy has always been authenticwith his simple and fun personality, which has earned him more than 21 million followers on your Instagram account. Also as He shared details of his last timeWell, in addition to being a singer, dancer and actress now she is a mother.

Kai, is the name that together with his partner, the singer Mike Bahía, they gave to their little son, who is barely a few weeks old. This time, through social networks, Greeicy revealed that her grandson has earned the spot on the trips they now takeWell, he said it was a wonderful experience, the first they had ventured into.

The singer posted photos with her companion Mike Bahía and their grandson in the middle of hot days and tender moments with the baby, in the middle of a creative camp where Mike Bahía went. And it is that although the singers did not want to reveal the appearance of Kai’s faceit was not an obstacle to share the moments they spend with him, always reserving their privacy.

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Greeicy says that she was curious about the behavior her son would have, because it was the first time that he had left his home, confronted with the heat and also with mosquitoes. However, he said he was very well behaved and had a very good personality for traveling. “Marvellous. This boy has earned his place on every trip from now on. A boy 1A. A wonderful personality,” he told his followers.

The singer shared images with the little one and Mika Bahía, in addition to showing off in a bathing suit and entertaining the little baby with a pacifier in the comfortable accommodation that puts the photos.

Source metroecuador.com

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