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It may be worth a separate electricity fee for electric cars

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Berlin (dpa / tmn) – A wall box makes it possible: charge the electric car comfortably at home. This is possible with any domestic electricity tariff, but there are also special charging tariffs, and they can be worth it. This is indicated by the magazine “Finanztest” (issue 4/2022).

With the combined tariff, the load and the electricity of the home are billed with the same meter, and there is a discount on the load electricity.

A separate car electricity rate is usually cheaper, but requires your own meter. Electric car owners can then enter into their home and car electricity contracts independently of one another with different providers.

Keep an eye out for closing times and additional costs

Please note: With their own meter, operators can specify when charging is allowed. For example, there are closing times at lunchtime and especially cheap top-ups at night.

The network operator provides the additional meter. However, if lines need to be laid for this or the meter cabinet needs to be modified, the customer pays. When building a new property or modernizing a property it is best to plan for this immediately and if not calculate whether it is worth the investment.

The search for the best rate

When looking for a supplier, the annual electricity consumption of the home and the car must be available, alternatively the kilometers traveled in the year.

Since municipal utility companies often offer especially cheap but regionally limited charging current deals, it’s worth asking there. Prices from providers throughout Germany can be checked and the normal domestic electricity tariff should also be compared.

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