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“It made me feel like nothing”: Britney Spears confesses why she didn’t invite her family to the wedding

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After 6 years of relationship, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari They celebrated their wedding surrounded by their loved ones. The big absentees were the relatives of the interpreter of Toxic, who were not invited because of their differences.

It’s no secret that she does not get along with her father, James Spears, nor with her brothers and mother. He sees them all as complicit in the legal guardianship he endured for more than a decade, during which he had no voice or vote.

In reality, the artist is working on a memoir where she will reveal all the mistreatment and psychological abuse she suffered by order of his father, who had the power of law to make all his decisions and therefore had to postpone this important chapter of his life.

Now being a free and independent woman, the singer has gone down the aisle and through her Instagram profile toSomó the reasons why he didn’t want to surround himself with them on his big day.

“During the 13 years that I was under parental guardianship, I was tested for drugs three times a week. And that I do not like alcohol. But yes, in the meantime, I have I must have heard that my dad goes out drinking every day and my brother eats his lobster salad with a whiskey and a coke every night in Las Vegas after my show. And sometimes before! He never even let me have a sip !

Britney called back on her account.

The 40-year-old artist remembered this episode on her ceremonywho reminded her that she couldn’t do such basic things for a grown woman as ordering a drink, though he billed millions of dollars in profit.

“My father felt power over me throughout my life, because he made me feel like I was absolutely nothing. You will excuse me, but the police act more or less the same way. As they wear a star on their shirt every day, they think that already gives them the right to harass people.

Added pop star.

In the strong confession, Britney Spears also lashed out at her brother Bryan and He called him “being his father’s watchdog” and henchman in his suffering.

“None of you wanted this to end [la tutela]because everyone they liked to tell me what to do and treat me like a dog. ¡You photographed yourself, Bryan! You were never invited to my wedding. Do you really think I would want my brother there, the same one who forbade me to drink whiskey and Coca-Cola for four years? 20 minutes.

Source metroecuador.com

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