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It looks like a normal penny, but it costs more than a million dollars, how to identify it?

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Various coins and banknotes are worth more than they appear, even pennies. The reason is due to printing errors which made them unique and appreciated by collectors. There is a special penny that can sell for over a million dollars.

This piece is called penny lincoln, the most valuable penny of the dollar. In 1943, during World War II, the government of United States he replaced bronze pennies with zinc-coated steel pennies so that copper could be used in the manufacture of war material.

However, a small group of 20 coins of that value exceeded them and were minted in copper that year.

In fact, the Mint struck what has become one of “the most precious coins in history” of the country, during the year in which “All pennies were supposed to be zinc-plated steel to keep the war machine moving.”

In 2019, one of these pennies sold for over $200,000 at a numismatic auction held in Florida.

The history of this penny dates back to 1947, when Don Lutes, then a 16-year-old high school student in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, discovered the coin in the change he received in the school cafeteria after buying his lunch.

The coin immediately caught Lutes’ attention and he decided to keep it, aware after several consultations with experts of its rare value.

Years later, after falling ill and then dying, the Lutes family, passionate about numismatics, decided to sell it.

“What makes this so exciting is that it’s the first time” that one of those coins is up for auction, said Sarah Miller, director of numismatics for the Heritage Auctions office.

It is known that 15 of these pennies have appeared so far and the most expensive was sold in $1.7 million in 2010.

How to identify the most valuable penny?

First of all, it must be from the year 1943. Then you can do the test with a magnet, if the part sticks it is not bronze. It doesn’t have to be pasted to have an indication of being one of the missing subs in the collection.

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