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“It is not true that mothers are better at taking care of children”

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Gender equality remains an illusion. That is why the author Susanne Mierau strengthens fathers and daughters in particular against sexism and violence. Change begins at home.

“Education is always trial and error,” says early childhood educator Susanne Mierau. Nobody has them inside from the beginning. © Ronja Jung

On average, every third woman around the world knows discrimination and assault, including sexual violence, from her own experience. Blame it on the patriarchy. “Girls in particular are learning that they’re not allowed to protest,” says Susanne Mierau, early childhood educator and bestselling author. Her goal: to arm children for an equal life.

That is the task of all parents and it also requires a social change: “It is important how parents are involved: at home, care, in general”, says Susanne Mierau. In an interview with podcast hosts Melanie Büttner and Sven Stockrahm, she talks about deeply ingrained role models and the disadvantages girls in particular face, which often happens unconsciously. That’s why she demands with her new book New moms for rebellious girls develop psychological resilience to the functioning of patriarchy.

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