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It is cheaper in these neighboring countries.

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Skyrocketing fuel prices are worrying many people. But in some of Germany’s neighboring countries, gasoline and diesel prices are considerably lower than in Germany. For those not far from the border, it may be worth refueling abroad.

Refueling abroad can be worth it. (Image: Getty Images)

The war in Ukraine is driving up energy costs. A liter of gasoline or diesel currently costs EUR 2.20 and more. This pushes some car-dependent people to their financial limits.

In many neighboring German countries, however, refueling is considerably cheaper, as in Poland. A liter of E10 Super currently (as of March 14) costs 1.18 euros there, and a liter of diesel costs 1.19 euros. These low prices are possible in Poland because the fuel tax has been completely abolished due to high inflation.

Other neighboring countries also offer cheaper fuel than Germany. This is how a liter of premium gasoline costs in Austria 1.69 euros and a liter of diesel 1.72 euros.

On France a liter of Super is available for €1.93 and a liter of Diesel for €1.98. At Switzerland prices are also below 2 euros: a liter of Super costs 1.87 euros, diesel 1.97 euros.

It is more worth a stop to refuel Czech Republic. There, a liter of premium gasoline costs 1.69 euros and diesel 1.76 euros. looks like in luxembourg from: A liter of Super currently costs 1.66 euros, a liter of diesel 1.73.

Belgium It is much higher with the price of 1.95 euros for Super and 2.08 euros for diesel, but refueling is still cheaper than in Germany.

At Netherlands Similar prices are called. There, diesel (1.90 euros/litre) is cheaper than premium gasoline (2.10 euros/litre).

On Denmark Unfortunately, nothing can be saved by refueling. A liter of diesel costs 2.16 euros there, a liter of premium 2.21.

Transport regulations

Basically, it’s important to note: Reserve canisters used to transport fuel in cars must have UN or RKK approval. If you drive to a neighboring country to refuel and not only want to refuel, but also want to take a second tank of fuel in cans with you, you should be careful. Because different regulations apply for the transport of fuel in neighboring countries than in Germany.

While in Germany a maximum of 240 liters of fuel can be transported in private vehicles, in neighboring countries it is often only up to 20 liters or it is completely prohibited to carry it in jerry cans. According to the ADAC, anyone who ignores the requirements should expect fines that can vary from country to country.

You can find an overview of the fuel transport regulations for the most important countries of travel here at ADAC.

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