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It doesn’t go any further: Ezra Miller will not continue in the DC universe and Warner reflects on the future of the character

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the future of Ezra Miller in the world of entertainment is increasingly uncertain. After two arrests last year, an attempted strangulation of a fan, several restraining orders and the charge of manipulating minors in his own “sect”, the actor is absent from the authorities.

The biggest concern has fallen on Warner, in addition to Miller himself, as the actor is the main star of his future and ambitious film. ‘The Flash’which was pitched to the company as an epic event that will now lay the groundwork for stories across the DC Extended Universe.

However, the 29-year-old actor’s many run-ins with the law are tarnishing his image and directly that of Warner and DC Filmswho had already had problems with the controversy around Amber Heard and the lawsuit with her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, since there is a possible threat of a boycott of the film if Warner does not do without the actress who plays Mera, after earning public rejection by losing the libel suit against Depp.

Miller will no longer be part of the DCEU

Agree with deadline, Warner and David Zaslavthe company’s CEO, have high hopes for the film that cost them $200 million and has Andy Muschietti directing and stellar appearances as Michael Keaton’s Batman.

According to the aforementioned media, the studio tried to help the actor, without success, and now the strategy is to wait for the waters to calm down, because excluding Ezra from the gang would be impossible since he is an integral part of most of the movies. movie scenes, since versions of her character come out of different multiverses and all of them were played by Miller.

“Warner has nothing to gain from this (…) It’s a problem inherited from Zaslav. The only hope is that the scandal will die down by the time the film premieres and hope it comes out as best as possible.”.

Zaslav says Ezra Miller won’t be part of DC Cinematic Universe’s future and Warner is looking at three possibilities for ‘The Flash’ premiereeither restrict the film’s publicity campaign, release it directly on HBO Max (with the economic loss that would entail) or release the film theatrically and leave Miller in the background if his situation does not improve. The Flash is slated to premiere on June 23, 2023.

Source metroecuador.com

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