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Islamic culture courses promote the values ​​of coexistence and compassion in 12 international languages

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The Zayed House for Islamic Culture, through its main center in Al Ain and its foreign branches in Abu Dhabi and Ajman, offers Islamic culture courses in 12 international languages.
Languages ​​are Arabic, English, Russian, French, and Chinese, as well as Amharic, Oromio, and Urdu, as well as teaching in Tagalog, Hindi, Sinhala, and Tamil.

The home is also constantly ready to provide care services to new converts, including the post-conversion stage, which is one of the most important stages in the path of the new convert.

This falls within the vision of the house to be a leading institution in introducing the essence of Islamic culture and accommodating new converts, and to embody its mission of excellence and leadership in introducing Islamic culture to those interested, prepare new converts to Islam and raise awareness of the community to welcome them.

The General Director of the Zayed House for Islamic Culture, Dr. Nidal Muhammad Al Tunaiji, affirmed the effort of the House, through Islamic culture courses, to develop spiritual, moral and social meanings, and to enhance the values ​​of compassion and coexistence with different cultures and human civilizations.

He pointed out that these courses aim to introduce the essence of Islamic culture, prepare people to assimilate the basic concepts of Islamic religion, teach people the scientific and practical principles of Islamic religion, as well as consolidate the values ​​of moderation. in the life of individuals as values ​​that embrace the meanings of justice, kindness, integrity, openness and coexistence with the other, in a way that guarantees the sustainable development of the individual and society.


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