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Ischia .. the green island of the true face of Italy

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The tranquil island of Ischia in the Tyrrhenian Sea offers a warm dose of Italian beauty, soul and hospitality, with a nostalgic Italian vibe.

There are five-star hotels on the island, luxurious hot springs, as well as scenes of the natural life of Italian grandmothers laying out laundry, while island residents and children roam around on Vespa bikes.

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The island has gained great popularity recently, with the rise of what Italians call the “Green Island”, whose pristine beaches have been popular with Italians.

The island’s famous tuff rocks, narrow streets and bougainvillea-covered landscapes form the backdrop to Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, a global bestseller turned TV show.

The effect of this interest allowed the island to attract investment and initiate larger projects, in fact, the luxurious Pelicano Hotel Group acquired the five-star Mezzatorre Hotel and Resort on the island.

Recently, a new campaign (Ischia is More) was launched, led by a community of hotels and local businesses interested in reviving the fortunes of the island after two years of difficulties in the field of tourism.

The island has many scenes that its visitors listen to, including:

sunset landscape with water

The beauty of Ischia is that the landscape and traditions change from town to town, so you can have a different experience each time you visit.

Ischia Porto is bustling and is the commercial heart of the city, while nearby Ischia Ponte has an old world feel.

Casamicciola Terme is located on the north coast and has the highest concentration of hot springs, while Parano di Ischia is famous for Maronte beach, the largest on the island.

The island has many must-see sights, including the medieval “Aragonese” castle set in its own volcanic rock formation, accessed via a footbridge.

For more views, the “Madonna del Soccorso” church in Forio offers wonderful sunset views from the top of a hill.

Dynamic land and sea cuisine

And because the area is so close to Naples, it’s not hard to find Neapolitan food on Ischia, like premium pizza or the iconic ‘baba’, a small fluffy dessert usually drenched in rum.

One of the most popular here is the ‘Piennolo’ tomato, which grows in rich volcanic soils, making it even more sweet and distinctive.

The island also offers “coniglio all’Ischitana”, a rabbit stew cooked in a clay pot, with tomatoes and local spices.

Of course, the island also serves seafood very well, and some of Saturnino’s most creative dishes can be found in Forio.

elegant haven

Ischia is full of luxurious five-star hotels. The hotels on the island range from classic, elegant and contemporary design.

With natural hot springs spreading through it, most hotels have day spas and natural pools.

To immerse yourself in nature and 3 hectares of manicured gardens, the recently renovated “Botania Relais and Spa” is an adults-only paradise with whitewashed villa-style rooms and suites.

And if you’re more into the old world, the former aristocratic mansion of the Excelsior Belvedere Hotel & Resort in the heart of Ischia Porto will not disappoint.

Ischia has many things that will captivate the hearts of visitors, such as an unforgettable meal, a breathtaking view of the sunset or a breathtaking panoramic view. And this magnetic island has a way of its charm, and one thing is for sure, it’s a real deal, and it’s here to stay.

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