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Is there chemistry? La Segura travels Peru with a new contender

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safe He had a few days off since less than a week ago he returned from his trip to Europe, and since then he hasn’t stopped meeting people, as he made it known via his Instagram account. . However, she found a way to lighten up a bit with a little trip she made to Peru, but she didn’t do it alone but was accompanied by whoever could be. a new influencer suitor.

The young woman has been very elusive with her followers regarding her love life, since many of them have asked her questions about her romantic future and she generally evades them with vague answers. However, rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that she is dating a Uruguayan chef. And it seems that with each new publication this story is confirmed more.

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Through his Instagram stories, La Seguro revealed that he would undertake a new trip to Peru, but without specifying whether it would be for business or for pleasure. However, later he revealed what was the purpose of his departure since revealed that she was accompanied by the influencer Ignacio Baladán with whom she was very romantic in the images that she shared with her followers.

In the content creator’s short stories, she can be seen having a great time with the model on the beach, in addition to sharing a meal at a local restaurant. For his part, the pastry chef also showed a photo of his trip on his Instagram account, but without a trace of the young influencer on his profile.

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Other interactions between La Segura and Ignacio

Rumors that La Segura and Ignacio Baladán dated didn’t happen overnight, otherwise what They result from the fact that both have come to collaborate on certain publications on their social networks.

In this regard, his followers have noticed the good chemistry they have and how much they have been dating in recent months to fuel the rumors of their romance, something that seems to be becoming clearer over the days.

Source metroecuador.com

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