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Is there a spin-off?


After the sixth season of “The Crown”, it could still continue: apparently, the creators of the Netflix hit are planning a spin-off.

A total of six seasons are planned for Netflix’s hit “The Crown” about the life of Queen Elizabeth II (96) and her family. According to the British “Sun” the hit series is due to end in 2002. A particularly sad year for the Queen when her sister, Princess Margaret (1930-2002), and her mother, Queen Mum (1900-2002), died. In order to leave open the possibility of a sequel, this ending should now apparently be tweaked.

According to the tabloid, there would be considerations for ending the series in 2005 with the marriage of Prince Charles (73) and Duchess Camilla (75). This would pave the way for a spin-off which could concern Prince Charles and his sons, Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (37).

The spin-off could be about many important moments

According to a TV insider, this is “a small but significant change”. 2005 is “seen as the start of an era more centered on Princes William and Harry and their father”. Charles and Camilla’s wedding is “treated as the end of a turbulent period in Windsor’s history and the beginning of a whole new one”.

Many significant moments for the royal family could play a role in the spin-off: the death of Prince Philip (1921-2021), the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew (62 years old) and the “Megxit”, that is to say to say the resignation of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (40) as members of the royal family.

Another spinoff?

Another spin-off could go back in time: The industry magazine “Deadline” reported in Aprilthat the first discussions on a prequel should take place. For example, spin-offs could cover the end of Queen Victoria’s reign (1819-1901) and the period before World War II. Netflix has yet to officially confirm the possible spinoff.

The fifth season of “The Crown” is scheduled for release in November 2022. It is about the 1990s in the British royal family, it will end with the accidental deaths of Princess Diana (1961-1997) and Dodi Al-Fayed ( 1955-1997) on August 31, 1997. Main actor of the fifth season of “La Couronne”. include Imelda Staunton (66) as Queen Elizabeth II, Jonathan Pryce (75) as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville (66) as Princess Margaret, Dominic West (52) as Prince Charles and Jonny Lee Miller (49) as Prime Minister John Major (79).



Source www.gala.de

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