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Is the internet right?

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The gap and digital activism are playing in favor of the far right. That is the hypothesis of the American sociologist Jen Schradie. Several seemingly disparate recent events are connected by this digital dotted line, marked by an increasingly virulent ultra ideology that uses the internet for dissemination and consolidation. For example, we talked about the attack on Capitol Hill, the Buffalo attack on African Americans, the US Supreme Court’s possible abolition of abortion rights, and even the angry backlash against Amber Heard – actually against the #Metoo movement – after the favorable judgment for her ex-husband Johnny Depp. They are the radical expression of violent activism, consisting of memes, videos and propaganda platforms designed to provoke and jump out of the digital sphere and into the real world.

Digital militancy is an essential element of the far-right of a public debate in which denialistic ideas about climate change or gender-based violence are circulating with increasing normality, or even white supremacism, which speaks of this “great substitute” that would convert the white population of the West in an ethnic minority. “The new extreme right is here to stay,” says Italian historian Steven Forti, and they do so because their theses are common in Western democracies, both in institutions and in the public agora, and above all in culture , which lands daily in central place, our screens are winning through the unrepentant mobilization of its activists. “Yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology; Yes to border security, no to mass immigration; yes to the sovereignty of the peoples, no to the Brussels bureaucrats and yes to our civilization,” neo-fascist Meloni shamelessly exclaimed in the video of the Vox rally that went viral for its simplicity and catchy rhetoric. This is how background and form merge, through arguments and images that find the right space in the digital world to spread their hatred.

But the worrying thing is to see all of this contaminating the blood of the conservative parties. Once again, the case of the United States and a Republican party held hostage by Trumpism is paradigmatic. The latest investigation into the attack on Capitol Hill puts the most shameful face on any party that looks the other way in the face of corruption or Trump’s apparent inability to run for president. The connection between the right and its new extremism is already an existential problem for democracies, but make no mistake: it’s a structural problem that traditional conservative parties must resolve before cordon sanitaires as needed (here yes, there no). demanding about the topic and the moment. These are the duties to which Feijóo and later the rest of the political actors must be subjected. The response of the extreme right is to defend democracy and not use it to touch power. In the USA and Andalusia.

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