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Is Russia’s secret service sabotaging Ukrainian aid workers in Berlin?

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German security authorities are examining whether Russian secret services are specifically targeting people in Berlin who work for the people of Ukraine and war refugees. Berlin aides in Berlin are worried about being attacked by pro-Russian groups due to various incidents.

In one case, the state security agency responsible for politically motivated crimes in the Berlin State Criminal Police Office is now investigating. The police confirmed a corresponding report from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and WDR.

This case concerns a robbery in the apartment of a man who was responsible for the logistics of aid shipments to Ukraine and Poland in the “Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations” network. On March 14, his apartment in Berlin was raided.

Nothing was stolen from the apartment, but things were changed in the apartment and white powder was scattered. Also, the receipts were taken out of the trash can and formed into rolls. There was no sign of a break-in at the door.

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The white powder and rolled-up notes could be an allusion to cocaine use, activists suspect. “It often happens with journalists in Russia,” said one of the women. In fact, investigative journalist Ivan Golunov was arrested in 2019 for drug trafficking. He denied the accusations.

At the time, the organization “Reporters Without Borders” suspected that Golunov, known for his critical reporting, intended to silence himself with the fabricated accusation.

For activists, the traces of the raid on the Berlin apartment of a Ukrainian aide are clear. “We think this should show: we were here, we know who you are, we know what you do,” said an activist from the Vitsche association on the Tagesspiegel.

The Ukrainian youth association in Berlin organizes protests and help for the people of Ukraine. The activist said of the robbery: “A very classic case of bullying.”

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On the sidelines of an anti-vaccination demonstration last week, a Ukrainian man wearing a Ukraine sticker was attacked. In addition, several activists denounce incidents at the Pilecki Institute, where the Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations is based.

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“People have come here in the past and taken photos of the volunteers. We suspect that pro-Russian structures are behind this, that they want to prevent us from providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine,” said an activist.

Until now, the police have kept a low profile for investigative purposes and do not want to comment on possible criminal records. Until now, the police have mainly dealt with crimes against Russians.

Since the start of the war of aggression, as of Tuesday, 155 criminal offenses, mostly insults and property damage, have been recorded against Russians and Russian institutions.

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