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Iris Klein: Her weight loss success is visible in a bikini

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Iris Klein is very proud. About yourself and your body. Because she lost ten kilos on the set of “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Everyone can see it now. On Instagram, she only appears in a bikini – and has an important message for her followers in her luggage.

She shines like a honey cake horse, is visibly happy with herself and her body. Iris Klein, 55, shows off her weight loss success in a funny Instagram Boomerang video. Wearing only a black bikini, Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, 35, poses in front of the mirror, bobbing back and forth. Her stomach is visibly flat and her legs are also much slimmer. How did she do it? Of course, she reveals it to her 232,000 subscribers.

Iris Klein presents her beach bodysuit

“It’s just too hot,” Iris Klein explains in her post. That’s why she shows up in a bikini. She is currently not wearing any other clothes. Why? She is proud of her body and would like to show it off. After filming “Battle of the Reality Stars” in January, the mom cat suddenly showed up much thinner. She lost an impressive ten pounds and continued to do so thereafter. As? With strength training and a healthy diet, she reveals herself when questioned by a fan. However, she does not do endurance sports, “only walking the dogs”.

At the current temperatures, she just isn’t hungry, says Iris. “I drink ice water and eat a lot of watermelon because it’s good for my figure.” Already ten kilos lighter, the goal is within reach: “I’m still losing weight and I’ve almost reached my goal. Of course I hope it stays that way and the bad Jojo doesn’t strike anymore. [sic].”

Important message to his fans

Of course, the 55-year-old is happy to have lost a lot of weight herself. However, she does not want her video to encourage anyone to do the same. On the contrary. On the contrary, she wants to express that it is perfectly acceptable to show off in a bikini, regardless of its shape. “I think it’s fine if everyone wears what they want!!! It doesn’t matter how old you are, how big or thin you are,” that’s the important message Iris wants to send with her music video.


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