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Irene Paredes: ‘They didn’t feel like checking the goal because we’re in England’


“It’s a very clear foul that they don’t want to call the whistle or check and that’s up to the game to decide.”


Spain captain Irene Paredes called England’s first goal in the quarter-finals of the European Women’s Championship a “very clear” foul, an action that “decanted” the game and which the referees “didn’t want, see, not even a whistle.” , still looking back” in the game against the hosts, who advanced to the next round with a win in extra time (2:1).

“I can’t jump because he elbows me in the neck, a clear foul he doesn’t want to whistle or check and that decides the game and a new one starts. We were good, the end are punctual moments but they have set a target that they don’t want to check because you’re in England, it’s complicated,” he said in statements to TVE collected by Europa Press.

“Then they score a great goal for you and the game ends with a corner in our favor. It’s true that we had more and we didn’t score them. But there are details that belittle you and that was one of them after all .” that we played a great game”, Paredes regretted.

The captain was involved in the game’s controversial action when he received an elbow from Russo, which prevented the defense from heading the ball before reaching Toone to lead the score 1-1 in the 86th minute the gate. I can’t jump because he elbows me in the neck,” he said.

“We have a team for that and a lot more, but we’re out again. It’s very difficult, when the team can give and keep going, it’s hard to get eliminated in the quarter-finals,” added the centre-back, who admitted he was done had not yet spoken to his companions.

“It’s a duel that has to happen, it’s normal for people to get hurt. Over time it will go away, there’s a lot of talent and we want to do things well,” he said.


Source europapress.es

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