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iPhone SE at Saturn: With a data volume of 8 GB for 13 euros per month

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July 26, 2022 at 12:06 PM

5 + 3 GB of data volume and the iPhone SE 82020) are currently available from Saturn for a flat rate of 30 euros and 13 euros per month in a mobile phone contract. We carry out the tariff control for you.

The iPhone SE (2020) is currently available in the Saturn tariff world for 12.99 euros per month and a single device price of 29 euros with an LTE data volume of 8 GB in the O2 network. We verify the rate for you when verifying the transaction.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 with Super Select M at Saturn



at Saturn


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  • Surf LTE (5+3 GB data volume)

  • Bandwidth up to 50 Mbit/s

  • Allnet flat rate SMS and telephony

  • Contract duration of 24 months

In the Saturn tariff world, the iPhone SE (2020) in the color Product Red is currently romping for a one-time payment of almost 30 euros in the Saturn Super Select M tariff. You get 5 + 3 GB more data volume in the O2 Telefónica network with a bandwidth of up to 50 Mbit/s. A telephone and SMS flat rate on all German networks is also part of the price. You will be charged EUR 12.99 per month (EUR 14.99 from the 25th month). The duration of the contract is two years, i.e. 24 months. Normally, Saturn asks for a deposit of around 70 euros for the iPhone SE at the same price. Unfortunately, you still have to pay a connection fee of 29.99 euros for this.

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