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iPhone 14 Ultra: The camera is stuck in the frame!



Jul 20, 2022 @ 8:11am

The front is 100% display, no notch: an iPhone 14 concept is causing a stir on the Internet. It has an unusual front camera housed in the frame.

Instead of a notch: the designer adapts a front camera for the iPhone 14, which is housed in the frame. (Source: Antonio De Rosa)

  • “The iPhone 14 Ultra” is a fictional concept of a high-end smartphone from Apple.
  • The concept combines well-known elements, for example from the iPhone 3G, with new approaches, such as a notchless front.
  • The front camera is located in the frame of the case.

In the fall, Apple will introduce the iPhone 14 series, which will likely consist of four models in two sizes. An “iPhone 14 Ultra” hasn’t appeared in rumors so far. Nor is it likely that such a pattern exists. Because the iPhone seen here only exists in digital form. It was designed by designer Antonio De Rosa.

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Can’t you get anything more out of modern smartphones? Then you might be open to the designer’s retro approach. The iPhone 14 Ultra is said to fit particularly well in the hand thanks to its strong curves. Expensive materials such as titanium and ceramic are meant to ensure an extraordinary feel.

Technically, there is a USB-C port for the iPhone. However, the full-frame display on the front, which doesn’t have an annoying notch, is visually more striking. Instead, the edge of the case is thicker than usual and houses the new iPhone’s front camera.

The view from the back can also delight. Here, the designer relies on a quad camera with an elongated and striking LED flash. The camera hill protrudes less from the case than it actually should.

fall outing

In all likelihood, we will find out what the iPhone 14 series will actually look like in the fall. A leaker recently gave the exact date and the start of sales. You can find out everything we know about the iPhone 14 generation in the linked overview article.

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