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Investor Windhorst wants to get rid of Chairman Gegenbauer

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Lars Windhorst, the Hertha BSC investor, has a power struggle with the club’s management around chairman Werner Gegenbauer. fired the next stage. On “Bild live” he openly announced like never before that he would not work with Gegenbauer again. Therefore, he resigns from his position on the Advisory Council. “It is clear to me that as a person I can no longer and will not work with Mr. Gegenbauer“said Windhorst, who acquired 64.7 percent of Hertha BSC KgaA shares for 374 million euros.

Windhorst renewed his charge that Gegenbauer is primarily concerned with maintaining power. Hertha is a personal toy for him. “There are rope teams and cliques,” she said. “It’s about time we took the helm. We also need a fresh start at the top.”

The relationship of trust was destroyed due to a whole series of incidents, Windhorst explained. As long as Gegenbauer is in office, therefore, Do not invest new capital in Hertha. However, if there were “good people at the top of the club”, I could imagine more investments

Werner Gegenbauer is since 2008 President of the Bundesliga football team. More recently, he was re-elected in the fall of 2020, but with just 54 percent of the vote. the Hertha’s next general meeting will take place in May. There will be no presidential election, but a request to vote for the removal of the president can be made at any time.

Windhorst asked members to think about the general meeting in May. he himself has neither desire nor time to applynor does he have any candidates that he sends to the race.

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