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Investment opportunities in water resources at Expo 2020 Dubai

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The Water Week in the Malaysian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai highlighted investment opportunities in water resources.

The Malaysian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai hosted this Monday its first event within the Water Week program, the last week of the ten thematic weeks that will take place throughout the six months that Expo 2020 Dubai lasts, within the Human and Planet Earth Program.

To discuss investment and trade opportunities with a potential value of more than 28 million dirhams for seven Malaysian companies, in the presence of Dato’ Mansur bin Haji Othman, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water of Malaysia.

The Malaysian pavilion exhibited the most outstanding new technologies and products related to water services, as well as promoting the country’s water services in the global market through the Dubai World Expo platform and attracting strategic investments from international players in the industry. of water services towards sustainability. of the water sector in Malaysia, according to the Emirates News agency.

Participants highlighted that the Malaysian National Water Services Committee, as the implementing agency for the week-long program from March 20-25, is organizing many initiatives to empower the water sector in the country.

And that is through programs, among which the Water Demand Management Strategies Forum stands out, with the participation of the Vice Minister of Environment and Water, Dato Seri Air, and Dr. Zain Ojang, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Water, as well as the participation of public and private sector specialists in water services in Malaysia and Dubai, and India.

The forum discussed water supply demand management, especially the status of water service in Malaysia, and mitigation programs to ensure water sustainability, as well as the exchange of ideas and strategies in that field.

Malaysia hopes to improve the quality of research and development, innovation and commercialization in that sector through various agreements and benefits from water resources management agencies.

On Tuesday, bilateral meetings will be held between Malaysia and the Netherlands, with the aim of building a platform of cooperation opportunities in the field of research, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the National Institute of Hydraulic Research, on behalf of the government of Malaysia. and the Netherlands Water Research Institute.

This agreement provides opportunities for Malaysia to explore and enhance existing experience, as well as learn about new technologies and the latest water resource research from the Netherlands.

On March 22-23, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority and the Malaysian Foreign Trade Development Corporation will host business sessions for the purpose of cooperation and discussion of potential business opportunities between Malaysia and international participants.

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Water of Malaysia is scheduled to visit the desalination plant of the Dubai Water and Power Authority at the Jebel Ali Desalination Complex on March 23 to see the process of desalination and production of drinking water from of seawater for Dubai residents. .

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