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“Intimacy” or denouncing a 21st century crime

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privacy It is a wonderful series that represents a crime of the 21st century: the non-consensual distribution of videos with sexual content, which by their very nature only pursue the downfall of their protagonists, a distribution that has reached unimaginable heights through social networks and these fantastic artifacts and cruel like cell phones are. A modern technology that seems to enhance the inquisitor in all of us.

The victims are a deputy mayor of Bilbao (Itziar Ortuño) and a factory worker in the same city (Verónica Echegui). In the first case, the goal is a political one: to finish off whoever aspires to the mayoralty with some annoying overtures to the oligarchs. In the second, the defiance of a rejected lover. Eight episodes on Netflix in which a certain capacity for synthesis is occasionally longed for, although what is proposed has a very interesting component of social denunciation: the exposure of the hypocrisy of those who cover up personal interests or grudges under the guise of an alleged and impeccable morals. And it is precisely for the sake of that supposed morality that the long paragraphs are in out. Images and dialogue are enough to tell the plot, or should be. The rest is literature.

Created by Laura Sarmiento and Verónica Fernández, privacy It also cleverly depicts a city and nearby landscapes that become co-stars of the plot. Also note a desire to show the ins and outs of a political party that has ruled the city for decades, with a wonderful Emma Suárez cutting cod in the shadows and trying to stifle the maneuvers of most upstarts. A resolute defense of privacy, that is, personal dignity.

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