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International Day of Happiness 2022… “The Journey of Fun” culminates with Expo 2020 Dubai celebrations

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Expo 2020 Dubai is preparing to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on March 20 with a specially prepared visitor trip with the aim of putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

The trip aims to promote the work to achieve the concept of human well-being. The “Spreading Fun” trip, designed within the program to celebrate this day, will provide visitors with a wonderful opportunity to release their inner child and enjoy activities . full of fun and encourage a sense of happiness and relaxation.

This trip starts from the Opportunity Zone, specifically in the Columbia Pavilion; The country that has endowed the world with stars who are considered legends in the world of music such as the famous singer Shakira and the singer J Balvin, where more than 1,000 Colombian rhythms will connect visitors with the culture of this country and the stories that they do. an exemplary destination for business and happiness; It will also give you the opportunity to meet the friendly people of Colombia, and the stark contrasts between its modern cities and its enchanting nature.

After that, visitors will be transferred to the Bhutan Pavilion, where they will learn about this country, whose level of happiness is a more important indicator of prosperity than GDP indicators, which gave it the nickname “The Land of Happiness” .

In this pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to explore some of the national artifacts and paintings, as well as a special collection of miniatures from the Takchaj Temple, as well as enjoy the experience of dancing with masks and folk songs.

At the Fiji Pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to become ‘bulanirats’, the happiness-rich people of Fiji, where the pavilion organizes fun-filled, interactive activities with the aim of turning the idea of ​​happiness into reality for all its members. visitors. , based on the firm belief that happy people are the most capable of overcoming any challenge that comes their way.

The journey then continues to the Luxembourg Pavilion, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an immersive experience ranging from walking through historic castles to exploring the enchanting Moselle region or enjoying relaxing lights and sounds.

The sides of this suite are filled with exciting and delightful surprises for visitors, including a three-story-high slide, providing guests with the fastest and most fun way to exit the suite, as this method is not available in no other suites.

Continuing in the Sustainability Zone, visitors will enjoy the opportunity to go on an aquatic adventure in the Amazon Basin, where the Brazil Pavilion allows visitors to swim in a pool of water giving them the opportunity to have a similar experience in terms of landscapes, sounds and smells characteristic of the areas that overlook the banks of the Amazon River in this country located on the South American continent, as well as exploring more landscapes and ecosystems of rivers and mangroves.

In the Hungarian pavilion, the “Aqua Bar” area displays a wide variety of Hungarian mineral waters, in addition to a series of facilities that invite visitors to immerse themselves in the thermal baths to relax and heal. The pavilion offers visitors an exceptional interactive experience based primarily on the Hungarian water theme, but without the actual use of water.

The journey continues within the mobility area to the Estonian Pavilion, where visitors have a unique opportunity to learn about the electronic solutions that are part of the daily life of Estonians, who carry out all their activities, including meditation, through from Internet. Visitors can also enjoy the opportunity to stretch and relax in the “Mind Spa” room to restore their energy and vitality.

This merry journey concludes at the Polish Pavilion, where visitors will enjoy the famous Polish ice cream, which was the most admired and photographed food item at Expo 2020 Dubai. During this visit, visitors can rest under the shade of a moving sculpture depicting migratory birds, before embarking on a tour of Polish culture.

Visitors can access the ‘Spread the Fun’ self-driving ride through Expo 2020 Dubai’s social media platforms.

The program to celebrate the International Day of Happiness is part of the Human and Planet Earth program launched by Expo 2020 Dubai, which focuses on 10 weeks of themes that provide an exchange of new and inspiring visions to address the greatest challenges and opportunities. of the current era.

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