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Interior Minister plans trains and flights to southern Europe for refugees from Ukraine

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Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) wants to boost more war refugees from Ukraine, especially in southern Europe. “Frankly, almost everyone,” she said in an interview with Tagesspiegel when asked which countries in Europe needed to take in the most people. “We make sure to bring more direct trains from Poland to other EU countries, for example.” Now there is the first train connection from Rzepin in Poland to Lyon in France.

“We’re expanding that. I’m also committed to airlifts so that refugees don’t have to travel a difficult route through half of Europe.” Greece offered “to welcome people who come by plane.” EU interior ministers will discuss this on Monday.

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Faeser emphasized that Germany has a right to leadership on the issue: “We want to lead the way. This is now a historic task for Europe. My demand is that we act much more pragmatically and quickly in the EU”. That is why she played an important role in directing. “I am abroad much more than I would have thought before taking over as Home Secretary.”

He recognized that there was too great an imbalance. “We have a big burden on neighboring countries like Poland, which were previously accused of not being responsive enough,” Faeser said in an interview with Tagesspiegel.

“After we agreed in a historic step on a solidary, fast and bureaucratic procedure for the protection of refugees in all EU countries, now the second step must follow: that everyone really accepts. Spain and Italy have also declared their will to do so.”But they need the transport links that we are now creating,” he announced more links here as well.

In addition, he is counting on “G7 countries like the United States, Canada and Great Britain to fly as many people as possible.”

Nancy Faeser, Federal Minister of the Interior. She did not expect such a crisis, hardly in office.Photo: Lena Giovanazzi/Tagesspiegel

Minister of the Interior against compulsory registration

For distribution and reception in Germany, Faeser refuses to register all people who fled the war in Ukraine in Germany, as required by the Union. “We are mainly talking about children and women who have been on the run for days, who had to endure the cold at the Polish border. We do not want them to be stopped at the German border because we are introducing stationary border controls here,” he told the Tagesspiegel.

“Just to clarify: people have the right to move freely here. And the citizens of third countries, of course, are registered.” In addition, Ukrainians would be registered if they go to an initial reception center or as soon as they need state aid.

The SPD politician rejected CDU leader Friedrich Merz’s accusations that it was hardly known who was actually coming to the country and where people were staying.

“The federal police get on the trains when they cross the border and check all the passports. Anyone who does not have a passport or comes from a third country will be registered and registered.”

This is more difficult with bus transport because it is often privately arranged.

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Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser visits Ukraine’s emergency shelter in Tegel.Photo: IMAGO/Eibner

Faeser: Only five percent from third countries

95 percent of the people fleeing to us from Ukraine are also Ukrainian citizens.” So far, there is no evidence that Belarus, for example, is sending people to Europe specifically, not even potential terrorists who are trying to escape to Europe gets.

There are no police protection zones at train stations

Faeser also rejects the protection zones demanded by the police union (GoP) at German train stations for refugees arriving from Ukraine – the GoP justifies the demand with the fact that the men try to convince the women at the stations train them to have private accommodation and then convert them to prostitution could force.

“When it comes to the issue of protection zones, we also have to see that many volunteers receive refugees, in a spirit of solidarity and in a very humane way,” Faeser emphasized. “This is a warm welcome to people coming out of this terrible war. When the deputies take care of people when they arrive, it’s different than when there are only police.”

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