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Instead of a new motorcycle: Kawasaki introduces a robot goat

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At the world’s largest robotics fair, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki presented the “Bex”: a robotic goat that can carry up to 100 kilograms.

Kawasaki recently unveiled its tech goat at the world’s largest robotics fair in Tokyo. Her name is “RHP Bex”. (Image: Nicol├ís Datiche / Photography)

Anyone who has been waiting for the introduction of a new two-wheeler should not have believed what the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer was seeing. kawasaki presented its new product last week.

On the other hand, the place he was referring to might have been the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, the world’s largest robotics trade show, may be a clue.

First glimpses: slow and shaky

When the two big goals on stage in the stand by kawasaki turned to the side, it was not an innovative electric motorcycle that approached, but a kind of robotic goat that entered. The prototype bears the name “Bex” and according to “Electrek” it is derived from Ibex – the mountain goat, which belongs to the goat family.

With robotic animals in recent years, mostly the American company boston dynamics caused a stir. on Youtube there are regular videos on current progress. While there, for example, the dog-shaped “Spot” seemingly runs smoothly through jagged caves, there is Kawasaki”Bex” is still very slow and shaky, even on the flat stage floor. Youtube-The videos, however, always show that the real capabilities of the robots can hardly be verified. But some products boston dynamics they are now being mass-produced and in use.

On foot and by bike

After all: “Bex” can’t just carry her own weight, she’s also apparently a beast of burden. Because after the first round, a woman mounts and rides the red otter goat. She also has handles that come out of her neck like a carousel animal and extendable foot steps. A total load of 100 kilograms should be possible.

However, “Bex” cannot walk on her feet, but she can also move on wheels. Where your knees and stomach should be, “Bex” has wheels that allow you to drive at stroller speed.

More and more robots in production

According to lies from “Electrek” kawasaki with the development of “Bex” in trend. On the one hand, more and more companies would develop robots that could replace, or at least support, people in production or services. On the other hand, many companies already rely on robots because they lack workers.

According to “Business Insider,” US companies commissioned nearly 30,000 robotic workers last year.

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