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Inside Ben Affleck’s Mansion! He wants to sell this house for 30 million


It has long been speculated that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would share a home after their impromptu wedding in Las Vegas. Now Affleck is providing proof that the two moved in together: he’s selling his luxury mansion.

Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, have built a life together over the past few months. The engagement was followed by the whirlwind wedding. What was missing was a common home that the two could call their own. But the Hollywood couple has apparently also reached this milestone. Ben Affleck is selling his luxury mansion in Los Angeles. A property you can be proud of. Take a look inside!

Ben Affleck is parting ways with a luxury seven-bedroom mansion

The luxury property is located in a gated community just half an hour from downtown Los Angeles. The villa has a whopping 13,452 square meters. This impressive area includes seven bedrooms, a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, an inviting foyer, a walk-in closet and nine bathrooms.

Photos shared on Instagram by Ben Affleck’s real estate agent, Santiago Arana, show the modern style of the building, which was built in 2017. The exterior alone is convincing: clear facades, a columned porch and the large swimming pool are just three highlights of the property.

Outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen and more

Moreover, Ben Affleck has certainly spent a few pleasant hours on the impressive terrace during the last four years he has lived in the villa. This not only has an open fireplace, but also a flat screen TV and an outdoor kitchen.

In addition to the main building, there is also a private guest house on the property of more than half a hectare. The garage attached to the villa offers space for three cars. But it gets even better.

As the online agent points out, the house features so much more than the standard celebrity villas. “In addition, there is a spa room, an upstairs lounge, a laundry room with four machines, a spectacular theater, a downstairs recreation room with a bar, a temperature-controlled wine cellar and a gym,” the property description reads. .

Ben Affleck is hoping for a $30 million contract

Ben Affleck’s asking price for his dream home is just under $30 million. With this, the actress would leave the house with a big profit. Affleck himself bought the mansion in 2018 for $19.25 million.

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