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Initiatives and strategies to protect and support children in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates pays great attention to the rights of the child and the provision of a healthy and exemplary environment, which qualifies it to be an important tool in the path of prosperity and progress in the country, through legislation, strategies and initiatives that guarantee protection. of their rights, the provision of an adequate environment and the promotion of their social, health and educational development.
Among the most outstanding initiatives for child protection is the Ministry of the Interior hotline to report child abuse by phone and electronically through the website of the Child Protection Center of the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to the application “My Protection” on smartphones. , which is available on Android and iOS platforms.

To report everything that negatively affects the student’s education, the Ministry of Education has set up a telephone line 80051115, which is supervised by a specialized team within the Ministry.

child protection
The Ministry of Education launched the initiative of the Child Protection Unit, which is of interest to students in public and private schools in the country, to protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation, whether in school or at home, to preserve the physical, mental and educational safety of students, reporting these cases by contacting the Child Protection Unit of the Ministry at number 80085, or the Child Protection Center of the Ministry of the Interior at number 116111.

The Ministry of the Interior appointed the Higher Committee for the Protection of Children to develop, implement and codify initiatives and procedures aimed at providing safety, security and protection to all children living in the country or its visitors.

School transportation
In order to provide safe transportation for students, the Ministry of Education implements a comprehensive system to make students happy when they transport to school, by establishing intelligent systems to track students when they get on and off the bus, and reduce the maximum student trip to less than 60 minutes, in addition to constantly updating the school transport fleet.

The Ministry of Education is also working to establish a school transportation operations office, where a cadre of trained staff will respond to queries from parents and the school via the toll-free number 8006006, about the location of students during school trips. bus, expected arrival time, the mechanism of tracking buses during their journey and others.

awareness campaigns
For its part, the Child Protection Center of the Ministry of the Interior launched the campaign “Together to Prevent Child Abuse” to raise awareness in the community, educate parents, teachers and those who work with children about the different forms of child abuse and ways to reduce it, by holding seminars and courses, and launching media campaigns.

anti bullying
To combat bullying, the country’s Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the Ministry of Education and the Authority of Knowledge Abu Dhabi, published a guide for parents to protect themselves against bullying, allowing them to identify bullying and its forms, and if their child is exposed to it, or is bullying another child, ways to reduce this phenomenon.

behavioral discipline
The Ministry of Education has developed a list of behavioral disciplinary measures for students in the school community in order to protect them against any negative practices, and the regulation includes some caveats that must be taken into account when evaluating negative behavior of students, which is the prohibition of all forms of corporal punishment, deprivation of meals or specification of additional school duties Punishment, teasing a student, preventing him from going to the bathroom, lowering grades in academic subjects, or threatening to do so, or expulsion from school during the school day by an individual decision, or restricting the freedom of the student or confined in school.

In a move to support children abroad, the UAE has allocated a number of humanitarian initiatives, including the “Color of Their Lives” initiative, which was organized by Emirates Etihad Airways on the Abu Dhabi Corniche to help patients with cancer at the Egyptian Foundation Hospital 57357. , and the “Heal” initiative to promote humanitarian and voluntary values ​​in the service and care of children and women around the world, regardless of ethnic or religious differences, along with the initiative to collect toys for the children of Yemen, to support the children of Yemen, collect donations and buy toys to alleviate their suffering and pain.

Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Children’s Authority attaches great importance to supporting the holistic development process of children by establishing policies and proposing laws and legislation based on scientific research dealing with early childhood.

Among the latest initiatives it has launched is the “Child Innovation Sessions” initiative, to develop a clear vision of the Abu Dhabi community’s interaction with the needs of children, parents and caregivers, in preparation for designing effective solutions to overcome the most pressing challenges. in the field of child development.

The authority also launched the Wed global initiative for early childhood development, a “global ambition with a local impact”, which represents a pioneering philosophy that follows a comprehensive methodology to develop a forward-looking plan for the development of the early childhood sector. early childhood, for developing a knowledge platform that fosters the creation and sharing of knowledge between the various components of the initiative and the world at large, to promote innovation to prepare children for the future and raise the level of well-being of children in Abu Dhabi and the world.

In Dubai, the Child Protection Center of the Community Development Authority offers a reception service for abuse complaints, a rapid intervention service to give immediate support to high-risk cases, a response service that includes responding to any complaint received from the police stations, a counseling service that includes family, social and psychological counseling for children and a rehabilitation service for support Psychological services for children who have been abused and other support services.

The Child Safety Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah aims to spread awareness of the importance of keeping children safe and protecting them from neglect, abuse and exploitation, in order to preserve their rights and raise children. together to enjoy physical and mental integrity within a cohesive family to achieve these goals.

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