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Inflation barely dampens the desire to travel


FRANKFURT – After two years of the Corona crisis, the business of DER Touristik is in full swing and even better than before the pandemic. In times of high inflation, customers currently benefit from the purchasing policy of tour operators.

According to the experience of the tourism group DER Touristik, high inflation and chaos at airports have not dampened Germans’ desire to travel.

“Bookings for this summer have so far been at the level of the pre-Corona period in 2019 and arrivals since February have even been significantly higher,” said Ingo Burmester, head of Central Europe at DER Touristik, the German press agency. Sales are well above pre-pandemic levels, mainly because customers are increasingly booking more expensive deals and long-distance travel. “After more than two years of the pandemic, there is a tremendous amount of pent up desire to travel.”

According to Burmester, demand for package travel from the Dertour Group brand and sister brands Jahn Reisen, ITS and Meiers Weltreisen for the 2022/23 winter season has been “very, very good so far, but has yet to catch up on 2018/19”.

More than 60% of all bookings for winter are currently for long-distance routes. “This aligns with the pre-pandemic situation and confirms the new normal that we have seen since the start of the summer,” Burmester said.

“The current booking situation and the significantly higher turnover help us to cope with additional costs, for example to cover jet fuel prices or the additional deployment of staff at airports.”

According to Burmester, customers currently do not have to prepare for price increases during the winter season, despite the significant increase in energy prices. “Currently, a largely stable picture is emerging,” the official reported. Hotel and air capacity for the 2022/23 winter season was purchased months ago at the prices at the time and was therefore cheaper.

“When inflation is high, we as tour operators on average buy cheaper than the booking portals that charge prices at the moment. So high inflation tends to favor package tours. “

The tourism group continues to rule out further price increases for booked trips. “Our customers can rest assured that the package holidays they have booked with Dertour, Jahn Reisen, ITS and Meiers Weltreisen will not become more expensive afterwards,” Burmester assured.

After the chaos at German airports in recent months, Burmester is now seeing signs of relaxation. “Last weekend was the first weekend that all German airports operated largely without problems,” the manager said. “I guess the rest of the summer will be much better, the winter should generally be no problem.”

Winter demand at Germany’s second-largest tour operator is currently particularly strong for sunny destinations on medium and long-haul routes, including Spain with the Canary Islands, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia as well as the Maldives , Mauritius, Thailand, the United States. and the Dominican Republic.

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Published on 08/10/2022 – 1:35 p.m.

According to the experience of the tourism group DER Touristik, high inflation and chaos at airports have not dampened Germans’ desire to travel.

Again, I’m not sure how much marketing there is in this PM of DER, as it’s likely most of the trips this summer and a good chunk of the deals for next February have already been booked before energy and living expenses explode.

A true indicator of the resilience to the crisis of the DER and the travel industry as a whole would be the booking behavior of, say, the last 8 weeks. But this PM doesn’t say anything about it…

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Publication of 08/10/2022 – 11:55

Was in the Ore Mountains last week – 3.5 hour drive from Berlin – beautiful mountains, museums, sights, outdoor pools, thermal baths, cycle paths, e-bike rental stations, groomed hiking trails…everything was there – everything was empty.

Restaurants closed (bankruptcy, lack of staff), hotels with 5 customers, swimming pools with 10 – stealing is just too cheap.

Post from 08.09.2022 – 17:37


Yes, let’s wait and see. Can get exciting.


“All in all: the time of the 9 Euro TX is over…”

can only be good and must be welcomed.
THAT, however:

“…and things are looking up for the airlines.”

I don’t see it that way.


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