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Infection rates in Lower Saxony continue to rise


Lower Saxony and Bremen
Infection rates in Lower Saxony continue to rise

Hannover (dpa / lni) – The number of new corona infections in Lower Saxony continues to rise. The so-called seven-day incidence was 2,042.6 on Saturday: that’s the number of people who contracted the virus in one week. The day before, this value was 2010.5. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 29,463 corona cases were added in one day and a further 33 people died from or with Covid-19.

The incidence of hospitalization also increased from 16.2 to 16.3 in one day. The number indicates how many people were hospitalized with Covid-19 within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. The occupancy of intensive care beds with corona patients, on the other hand, remained constant at 6.9 percent.

The seven-day incidence on Saturday was still the highest in Braunschweig (3493.7). The districts of Wolfenbüttel (3357.9) and Emsland (3047.8) followed. The districts of Cloppenburg (1004.4) and Göttingen (1231.9) recorded the lowest values.

In the state of Bremen, the seven-day incidence on Saturday was 1223.3 according to the RKI. No new infections or new deaths were reported.


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