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Indigenous protesters return to their communities after the signing of the peace act

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Videos are already circulating on social networks in which it is observed that indigenous protesters begin to return to their communities after the signing of the act for peace, after the government and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) reached an agreement under this, among other things, it was established to lower the price of a gallon of fuel by 15 cents.

In the footage, they are observed to do so in trucks and dump trucks, huddled together to reach their destinations. For the most part, they headed for the southern exit of Quito. They are doing so peacefully, despite the fact that the protests have been marred by violence and vandalism.

With the signing of this act, the indigenous movements declare the cessation of mobilizations throughout the country and the gradual return to the territories; as well as the suspension of any act likely to affect peace and public order.

As part of the agreements aimed at bringing peace to the country, the government has decided:

  • Reduce the value of Diesel, Extra and Ecopa fuel by a total of 15 cents per gallon. That is 5 cents additional to those already provided for in Decree No. 462. And work will be done on subsidy targeting policies.
  • The national government undertakes to repeal the state of emergency insofar as peace is restored to Ecuadorian territory.
  • Executive Order No. 95 on Hydrocarbons will be repealed.
  • A reform bill will be prepared for Article 66 of the Organic Law of the Special Territorial Circumscription of the Amazon and related articles.
  • Executive Order No. 151, which contains the action plan for the mining sector, will be amended to include that said activities cannot be carried out in:
  • Protected areas and ancestral territories.
  • Areas declared immaterial.
  • Archaeological sites.
  • Water protection zones.
  • Prior, free and informed consultation with indigenous municipalities, communities, peoples and nationalities will be guaranteed.

In addition, previously, the national government, during the 18 days of mobilizations, took the following decisions to meet the main needs of Ecuadorians: strengthening price control of basic necessities; declare a health emergency; debt forgiveness up to USD 3,000 from BanEcuador; compensatory measures for agriculture; double the budget for bilingual intercultural education and increase the human development bonus to 55 USD.

Source metroecuador.com

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