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Independent of the power grid: Inexpensive emergency generators are available from Aldi

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July 04, 2022 at 08:10

In the Aldi online store there is now an inexpensive generator that makes you independent of the power grid. It’s what you get for the money.

The Scheppach SG2500i inverter generator is available from Aldi at a special price. (Source: Scheppach)

Updated July 4 at 8:10 a.m.

The offer at Aldi is already sold out. If you are interested in Scheppach generator set, you will get it Device on Amazon. However, the generator here is 50 euros more expensive than at the discounter.

at Amazon 449.90*


Original post

At Aldi there are currently many good offers. From today, July 4th, new bargains for household, garden and outdoor will start. The discounter offers, among other things, an inverter generator from Scheppach at a reasonable price.

Scheppach SG2500i inverter generator

SG2500i Inverter Generator Set



at Aldi


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  • 2,000 watts of peak power

  • 17.5 kilograms

  • 91.6 decibels

The Scheppach SG2500i inverter generator is available at Aldi for 399 euros. The recommended retail price is 549 euros, other retailers charge at least 469 euros. Aldi’s offer is therefore really good.

offer in detail

The device is suitable as an emergency generator, but also for campers and outdoor fans. The SG2500i delivers a peak power of 2,000 watts, which is transmitted to devices via two 230 volt sockets and two 2.1 A USB ports (fast charging).

Inside is a 4-stroke gasoline engine with a pull starter that runs on gasoline (E5) and engine oil. The tank holds 4.1 liters of fuel – at full load the consumption is 1.25 liters per hour.

At 17.5 kilograms, the unit is still very mobile. So it can be easily transported in the car or caravan. The noise level can reach 91.6 decibels – the generator is not very quiet due to the engine. If you don’t mind that, you get a solid unit at a very reasonable price.

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