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Incredible: The type of nose reflects your personality

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It is said that our body is a reflection of who we are.

The reality is that our weight and height can be part of our genetic hereditary; although we can gain or lose pounds, depending on the life we ​​have led.

But the facial features they can also tell a lot about us. There are people who pay a lot of attention to eyes, as they say they are the window to the soul, while others appreciate lip or nose types.

As incredible as it may seem, this last part of our face can give a lot of information about what personality of individuals.

The nose shapes they are defined by a variety of factors, primarily the shape of the nasal bones and nasal cartilage.

According to a study by Abraham Tamar, of Ben Gurion University in Israel, there are up to 14 different types of noses.


It is known as the aquiline nose, due to its resemblance to the curved beak of the eagle, due to a bump on the bridge. People with this type are charismatic, confident, and pursue their interests with determination and passion. They are leaders and strategists.


It is narrow, without flaws such as arches, undulations and other details that alter its line. These people are usually optimistic, intelligent, generous and objectiveso clever. Only 3% of humans in the world have this form.


It is small, with the tip slightly raised and slightly rounded. They used to be creative, with a certain childish or unstable attitudein addition to having impulsive behaviors.


The celestial or snub nose begins with a straight, smooth line from the eyes to the tip. They are affectionate, optimistic, kind and like to help others.


It has large holes and a narrow bridge. Those with this type of nose are curious and open-minded.


It occurs in Africans or Asians. It starts out straight and narrow, and as it goes down it gets wider. These are people attractive, expressive and emotional.


The septum is marked and the tip is rounded. Only one in 300,000 has it. They are shy and sentimental, but they find the positive side of all things.

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They are tall and prominent, although they can also be short with a bulbous rather than bony appearance. These are people who they are very intelligent and stand out in their environment. Albert Einstein had that kind of nose.


Those with this type of nose show a lot of personality and charisma. They are workaholics, overly organized and authoritarian.

Source metroecuador.com

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