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In this way, citizens should feel relieved in concrete terms

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Berlin (dpa) – The heads of the traffic light coalition partners SPD, Greens and FDP agreed on an aid package in the face of rising energy prices.

According to the coalition, “broad and decisive measures” are planned to ease the burden on citizens. Specifically, this is the point:

Measurements at a glance

– Due to the increase in prices in the current year, people in Germany will receive a one-time payment of a single energy price allowance of 300 euros through income tax.

– The coalition has agreed to a reduction in the energy tax on fuels for three months.

– Families must receive a single bonus of 100 euros per child. The money must be offset against the child allowance.

– Recipients of social benefits must receive another single payment in accordance with the will of the stoplight coalition due to high energy prices. In addition to the 100 euros that have already been decided, another 100 euros per person will be paid.

– The coalition wants to implement a ticket of 9 euros per month for local public transport for 90 days. Countries must be given the appropriate funds for this.

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