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In the manner of Ferrera’s “donkey”. Mourinho mocks the “old coach” in Italy

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The Portuguese José Mourinho, Roma’s Italian coach, continued to provoke controversy with his scathing statements, whose hero this time was the greatest of Italy’s managers.

He is related to Zdenek Zeman, one of the oldest coaches in Europe at the moment (74 years old), who began his career as a technical director in 1974, and has coached dozens of clubs, most of them in Italy. the Czech Republic and also has Italian citizenship.

Zeman has previously coached the Roma and Lazio teams in more than one state, and currently works as the technical director for Foggia in the Italian third division.

And before the derby between Rome and Lazio in the Italian league, Zeman said in statements to the press when asked about the best between Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri: “It’s not a question of preferences, Sarri is performing better and gave him a chance to the Lazio”. Clear identity already, but Mourinho so far has not lived up to expectations.”

Mourinho was asked at the conference about Zeman’s response, saying: “Don’t expect a coach who has won 25 titles to respond to someone who won the second division twice.”

Mourinho concluded his remarks on the matter by saying: “If you ask me a question about Trapattoni or Capello (I can answer), but Zeman, please, I can’t answer.”

Mourinho’s forceful response was reminiscent of his scathing criticism of Josevaldo Ferreira, Zamalek’s current Egyptian coach, when the ‘Special One’ was Chelsea manager in 2005.

Mourinho said at the time, speaking of Ferreira: “One coach has a 30-year career, and the other has a career that does not exceed 3 years. The coach with 30 years of experience has not won anything, but the one who worked for 3 years won everything.”

He concluded: “The 30-year-old has a great career and the other one is still at the beginning of his career. The coach with the 30-year career will be forgotten by people as soon as he retires, but if the other decides to end his career now, will never be erased from history. This could be the story of a donkey who has not yet made it. “30 years of work to become a horse.”

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