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In response to Feijóo’s accusation of authoritarianism, the government replies that it is the EU that pushed through energy savings


The Minister of Education and Training, Pilar Alegría, during an interview with Europa Press on August 14, 2022 at the PSOE headquarters in Zaragoza, Aragon (Spain). Alegría, graduated in teaching specializing in elementary education from the U – Marcos Cebrian – Europe Press

Pilar Alegría reiterates that the PP has lost “common sense” and believes that Ayuso has the “leading voice” and is the one who “sets the ideological line”.


Education minister and PSOE spokeswoman Pilar Alegría responds to Feijóo given his accusations of authoritarianism against the government that is the European Union together with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the leader of the European PP , which set out energy saving measures.

In an interview with Europa Press, the socialist leader believes that this reproach by the leader of the PP to the executive, which he describes as “authoritarian” because of the Royal Decree on energy saving measures, “is far from the image of a moderate who of himself wants to sell”.

In fact, after the popular leadership’s protests against these austerity measures, she is convinced that the PP “first lost its sense of state and is now losing its common sense”. In line with this statement, he recalled that it is important to explain to citizens the situation in which Spain and Europe find themselves after the outbreak of war in February and “Putin’s strategy” to “create blackmail for the European continent”. . Energy”.

In this sense, it exposes the unity of the European continent against the Russian President’s blackmail and recalls that this unity was led, among others, by Ursula von der Leyen, one of the leaders of the European People’s Party. A situation, he continues, that has prompted Europe to adopt measures “negotiated, agreed and proposed jointly with the 27 countries of the European continent”. Therefore, he believes that “from the first moment there is a position of unity and commitment with all member countries of the EU”.


However, he points out that “in view of this unity and solidarity” in Spain there is a “cricket cage”, that is, as he says, “the PP”, where he believes that the “singing voice” is borne by the president of the municipality of Madrid. In his opinion, it is Isabel Díaz Ayuso who marks the ideological line.

In fact, he assures that they check that “Díaz Ayuso has to make headlines in the media every two times three, and for this purpose everything is useful, from proposing these checks to families with an income of more than 150,000 euros, to by he expresses its recourse to this energy decree”. “Anything goes,” exclaims the Social Democratic spokesman.

However, Pilar Alegría believes that the President of Madrid should focus more on the administration of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, where, as she assures, she has closed the emergencies and is the region least involved in public education in all of Spain invested.

However, the education minister expresses her hope that she will comply “beyond the exaggeration or interpretation” made by the Madrid president of the decree on energy saving measures. In fact, he states that all administrative buildings and merchants adhere to it. In any case, he warns: “If they are not complied with, we all know what will happen.”


A Royal Decree that the government will submit as such to Parliament, barring it from being treated as a bill to incorporate amendments, despite criticism it has also drawn from its own parliamentary partners.

Pilar Alegría also positively assesses Germany’s commitment to completing the Midcat gas pipeline in order to relieve Europe of the shortage of Russian gas. In this sense, he recalls that Spain received European solidarity in the worst moments of the pandemic and believes that “it is now up to Spain to play this leading role of solidarity with other European countries more dependent on Russian gas” .

Asked about the French government’s silence on the German chancellor’s proposal, the education minister believes it will be the French executive who “must answer” after insisting the Spanish government’s response was “entirely in favor” because Spain could play a “fundamental role” in terms of solidarity with Europe.

At this point, remember that the European Commission itself sees it positively from an economic point of view (funding) and also from the deadlines. “These are decisions that must not be taken unilaterally, but that part of the European Commission feels involved,” he stressed, believing that his involvement can help with the deadlines for the work and funding.

However, he avoids answering whether Spain should criticize the opposition of the third vice president and minister for ecological transition three years ago when it rejected this gas pipeline. It is also not clear whether the involvement of Germany and the European Commission will help in the conflict created by Spain’s change of position in Western Sahara with Algiers.


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Source europapress.es

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