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In its sustainable journey through the 5 continents, Dubai welcomes the ship “Purima”

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Dubai Port, the exceptional waterfront, has announced the reception of the Swiss ship “Purima”, as part of its sustainable global journey.

The “Purima” ship lives a unique experience, relying only on renewable energy sources, since the ship makes a great circumnavigation of the world under the name “Blue Odyssey”, during which it sails through the five continents.

The Purima is the first ship of its kind in the world to run solely on solar, wind and hydrogen energy.

The Swiss ship, “Dubai Harbour”, was chosen as the second stop on its journey, which has so far traveled more than 11,000 kilometers non-stop since it left the Japanese city of Osaka on December 18, 2021.

Dubai Harbour, which recently won the award for the best new cruise ship project in the world during the first cycle of the World Cruise Awards 2021, is characterized by containing the largest yacht marinas in the region, and Bay Marina, the first marina in this type. in Dubai dedicated to receiving yachts, the super luxury, which reaches up to 160 meters in length.

Dubai Harbor is also home to the Palm View Marina and the Harbor Marina, which includes 556 berths for yachts up to 40 meters high, as well as a variety of restaurants, cafes and retail stores.

Once in Dubai Harbour, Purima will dock at the Harbor Marina, adjacent to the Dubai Harbor Yacht Club, where it will showcase a wide range of proven renewable energy technologies on board.

Interested young people will also be invited to join the “Blue Forum” that will take place on board the ship to learn about next generation solutions in the field of innovative and sustainable marine technology, which will help refine and improve their skills. in this field with the aim of developing more sustainable marine industries and promoting the preservation of natural resources.

Abdullah bin Habtoor, Chief Commercial Officer of Shamal Holdings, owner and developer of the Dubai Port, said: “We are very pleased to welcome the Burima ship on its third voyage around the world, which is a shining example of how technology and Sustainability can help address the environmental challenges facing the world that our world faces today.

He added: “This is what we also witnessed during the Dubai Boat Show activities, which we recently organized in Dubai Port, where we noticed the widespread trend towards the use of innovative and sustainable marine technology in the marine industry sector. , which indicates the commitment of the United Arab Emirates to encourage the trend towards the adoption of the use of environmentally friendly alternatives to protect our seas and oceans.

He continued: “In this context, our Purima ship accommodation contributes to highlighting innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to accelerate efforts at all levels to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.”

During its journey, which will come to an end on the opening date of Expo 2025 in Osaka, “Purima” will seek to supply 12 new and innovative technologies, which will be docked in many ports around the world to demonstrate how to address many of today’s problems. challenges such as pollution and climate change using commercially viable renewable energy technologies.

This project responds to the call of the Japan Association for World Expo 2025 to move towards building an “ideal future society” by launching a wide range of initiatives aimed at achieving this goal.

The ship is named after the Roman gods of the future “Purima”, and is the first ship to go around the world using only solar energy, under its previous name “Solar Planet”. Today, the 36-meter-long, 100-tonne ship uses solar, wind and hydrogen power along with artificial intelligence and nature-inspired technologies.

The ship also simulates the mechanism of action of the lungs to purify the blood of carbon dioxide to clean seawater and isolate and destroy plastic particles, making it the only ship certified to produce and consume hydrogen in the world. world.

For his part, Gunter Pauli, Entrepreneur and Economist, said: “We must awaken the spirit of innovation in future entrepreneurs and involve them in the quest to address the great challenges facing our planet.

He added: “Dubai is certainly the most appropriate place for this, as innovative technologies similar to those we showcased on the ‘Purima’ ship will play a vital role in achieving many of the United Nations sustainable development goals and in creating a roadmap”. to build an ideal future society.

Following his involvement in pioneering technologies to support the sustainable use of resources in 1994, Pauli founded the Center for Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives at the United Nations University in Tokyo. This network of 3,000 scientists worked to complete and operate the Blue Odyssey cruise project on the Purima. cruise. Pauli is also the author of The Blue Economy – A Report to the Club of Rome – 100 Inventions – 10 Years – 100 Million Jobs”, which has been translated into more than 50 languages.

The Purima ship will depart from the port of Dubai on March 31, 2022, coinciding with the conclusion of Expo 2020 Dubai, to continue its exciting journey around the world.

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