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In addition to Evaluna, these celebrities ate their placentas after giving birth

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From powerful nutritional benefits to preventing postpartum depression, there is much talk about the potential benefits of consume the placenta after childbirth and, although there are still no scientific conclusions to confirm them, various celebrities, such as Review MontanerThey decided to eat it after delivering their babies.

Just a few days ago, the singer’s husband, Camilo Echeverryrevealed in an interview that the new mother decided to ingest the placenta of her pregnancy after giving birth to her daughter Indigo.

“My wife gave birth at home and the dula, who prepared everything for the placenta and offered us the whole range”, said the artist during an interview, which made those present laugh.

He defended his wife’s decision and explained that the placenta was taken in capsules.

“My wife was encapsulated and ate her”, said the interpreter.

The consumption of placenta generates mixed opinions, and while some speak of the powerful benefits it brings to the mother, there are those who point out that it can have serious health consequences.

organizations like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) advise against the consumption of the placenta because it can be colonized by bacteria, however there are those who have firm confidence in the benefits.

These Celebrities Ate Their Placentas After Giving Birth, Just Like Evaluna Montaner

Jennifer Lopez

The singer decided to consume the placenta of her twins in capsules, but that wasn’t the only thing he did, he also used it on his skin. As revealed, the entertainer paid for treatments to use her placenta in beauty procedures.

kim kardashian

With the birth of her son Saint West, Kim consumed her dehydrated placenta in pillsthis in order to avoid postpartum depression.

“I ‘ate my placenta’, I mean I consume it dehydrated and made into a pill, it’s not that I fried it and eat it like a steak, which many people thought “, said the famous at that time.

hilay duff

The actress decided to take her placenta in a smoothiebut he also reserved certain parts in his refrigerator to prepare other drinks in the future.

Duff called it “the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had.”


The old RBD has joined the trend of placental shakes and assured that it brought her great benefits in postpartum recovery, in addition to providing her with many vitamins.

Source metroecuador.com

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