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In a letter to Feijóo, JJpD claims to authorize the renewal of the CGPJ without making any further “excuses”.


He cites his “institutional responsibility” and recalls asking Pablo Casado to do the same a year ago


The Judges and Judges for Democracy (JJpD) association, in a letter to the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has demanded that they stop making “apologies” and “allow” the “necessary” renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary. (CGPJ ), in office since December 2018.

JJpD considers that the attitude of the PP, which has prevented the unblocking of the judiciary “for more than three years with excuses of various kinds”, implies “contempt for the Constitution and non-compliance with the law”, since Article 122.3 of Magna Carta sets the duration of the mandate of the CGPJ to five years.

In a statement, the Judges’ Association recalled that it had addressed the same warning to Feijóo’s predecessor as leader of the “People’s Party”, Pablo Casado, last year.

“One year later,” JJpD “has a duty to remind Feijóo as well,” “who, as the new President of the People’s Party, knows better than anyone what is needed to renew positions,” he says.


In the letter, the Judicial Association called on the PP leader to live up to his “institutional responsibilities”, especially since he has been president of the Xunta de Galicia “for years” and knows how important “respect for democratic institutions” is.

“The Constitution must be fulfilled, and now that it has national responsibilities, it should also take care to comply with and comply with its provisions,” he urges, while reminding Feijóo that he said that the renewal after the Elections in Andalusia will be tackled.

According to the JJpD, take on a responsibility to “facilitate the proper functioning of our constitutional system, by working together to encourage the CGPJ to carry out its work normally and to separate it from this preliminary triennium to which it refuses, to renew “.


Source europapress.es

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