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Images: They attack the facilities of the prosecutor’s office on Patria Avenue in downtown Quito

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A new act of vandalism comes on the tenth day of protests in the country against the government. This time, a group of people attacked the building of the State Attorney General’s Office on Patria Avenue, in downtown Quito, with stones. This happens the day after they entered the building in flagrante delicto, as reported by the institution on Twitter.

In the footage, people are seen throwing rocks and objects during auctions at the prosecutor’s office building. In addition, they also entered a room since we saw on the ground sheets of paper which would correspond to documents and archives of the institution.

Indeed this zone has been of conflict, since at this moment confrontations are registered.

Despite repeated calls from indigenous leader Leonidas Iza, the main promoter of the protests, for the protests to be peaceful and without violence or vandalism, some protesters have carried out attacks on the facilities of the prosecutor’s office.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday denounced that its headquarters were attacked, and that it put “sensitive information about the cases it conducts” in a safe place, while launching “a public appeal for peace and respect for the law”. .

The police commander, General Fausto Salinas, estimated that among the demonstrators there was a group that intended to carry out “incendiary actions” against public facilities, as during the wave of protests in October 2019, when the comptroller’s office was burned down.

He explained yesterday that the attack was perpetrated at the headquarters of the prosecution by “people who wanted to damage files on corruption and certain organized crime cases”.

Source metroecuador.com

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