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“I’m sick of it”: Don Day explodes and bursts into tears during a live TV program

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gift day went to the program In touch give his version after the accusations of Melissa’s Gatethe former participant of the first season of Turkish reality TV ‘The power of love’. The Colombian accuses him of being a scammer because when she came to give several shows, he would not have paid her what was due to her. However, Diego Armand Alvarez He gave his version and tells how the negotiation took place.

The Ecuadorian influencer I also say that he was tired of being questioned and when he talked about his children he couldn’t stand it and with tears in his eyes he confessed that he was fed up because it’s not the first time that he is interrogated.

“The YouTube channel is a blessing to many families right now. And there are people who wanted to steal my stuff. I’ve changed, I’m tough, nothing hurts me anymore, but when they confuse my surroundings , they cling too much (…) I’m tired of being questioned, I have the life I want, the family I want, the children I want, my Youtube channel has it I don’t go for the millionaire but I think I’m a fighter.

gift day

What did Melissa Gate say?

Melissa’s Gate Through his social media, he said that gift day he stole it and cheated it. Moreover, he mentioned that the Ecuadorian’s girlfriend noticed a “poor and thief”. “As you are interested and like the rich millionaires, you have chosen a poor man and apart from that, a thief. Is this the example you are going to set for your daughter?

“Why do I have to shut up and why do I have to cover for this man who scammed me. The covid test that my fans paid for me (…) You left me 600 dollars of shit”, were part of Gate’s statements.

Answer from Don Day

The actor, also Ecuadorian, said in an interview with the program In touch that he regrets having opened the doors of his house to her. Indeed, the Colombian influencer revealed in a mocking way that she could keep the money because she needed him more, “she has no hot water and the shower curtains are broken”, he said. – she confided in her stories.

“I’m already cured of those things, every time there are people like that who express themselves that way. I opened the door of my house to this girl and it’s disappointing to see how she gets up, without thinking about how my mother, my loved ones will feel. There are always these kind of people in my life, I’m used to (…) The answer I have for this girl is simple. I told you about a business. I didn’t tell you to give me your talent. I told you that your talent is good as long as you know how to drive, but you only use it for that, you’re disappointing”, Elizabeth Cader’s partner claimed.

gift day He said he replied because he not only made fun of him, but also his family and the kids on his channel, “My little actors.”

You are laughing at me, I am not answering you; you mentioned me again, I don’t answer you; You saw that I didn’t answer and you’re ruining my relationship, then with my children.

Regarding the negotiation, she says what she exposes in her live shows ($600) is true, but in her head she makes a movie and has the audio to check how the negotiation started.

“The truth is that this girl is ungrateful. As a businessman, I tell him to charge me a fixed fee or a percentage. She decided on the percentage. It didn’t go well for us due to a publicity problem in the city we went to. Anyway, I come to tell him that it’s up to him. I did not assure him if it was going to be good or bad.

Source metroecuador.com

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