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IG Metall wins the VW works council elections with Cavallo


Lower Saxony and Bremen
IG Metall wins the VW works council elections with Cavallo

IG Metall has always been very influential in Volkswagen. The elections for the new works council have already been completed. They bring good results to the union as a whole. But there was a headwind.

Wolfsburg (dpa / lni) – IG Metall won by far the most votes with the head of the VW works council, Daniela Cavallo, in the election of employee representatives at the Wolfsburg headquarters. However, the union’s scores were slightly higher in some other places. The 46-year-old was the front-runner on the main floor for the first time after committees initially designated her only temporarily and internally as Bernd Osterloh’s successor last year. After the count, IG Metall reported 85.5 percent of the votes there on Friday night. In 2018 it was 85.9 percent, with a works council two seats larger.

66 of 73 mandates at Wolfsburg went to IG Metall. In the electoral system, each of the eight lists of candidates had to receive a minimum number of votes in order to constitute representatives. Therefore, some votes were not considered in the end. “With a reduced number of seats and at the same time still 66 mandates, we can be very satisfied with the result,” said Cavallo. According to the works council, the next strongest force with 4 seats was “Die Andere Liste” with former IG Metall local boss Frank Patta. Recently there have been big differences of opinion between him and the union.

Strictly speaking, the election result only refers to Cavallo’s performance as leader of Wolfsburg’s list. However, she could also strengthen her position as Head of the Group and General Works Councils at Volkswagen. Since last year she has also been a member of the executive committee of the supervisory board, where all fundamental decisions about corporate strategy and the plants and models of Europe’s largest car manufacturer are made.

Local elections have nothing to do directly with this role or with appointments to higher instances of the works council at group level. However, from the first ranks of individual representatives, works councils are later sent to higher level bodies. The works council, which regulates joint management issues, is also dominated by IG Metall. Representatives from the Christian Metal Union (CGM) also competed in the election, and various independent lists, some of which are critical of IG Metall.

The determination of the employee bench at the VW supervisory board is scheduled for the end of April. Here, too, Cavallo is standing in public elections as a member of IG Metall for the first time, and union leader Jörg Hofmann will be moving in alongside her. With Jens Rothe from Saxony, the first representative of the East German VW locations should also remain on the control committee. A total of 10 of the 20 mandates of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG are at stake from the employees.

After her predecessor, Bernd Osterloh, moved to VW’s commercial vehicle holding company Traton as human resources director, the responsible registration court temporarily approved Cavallo’s appointment as senior controller in 2021. She now has to be officially reappointed. . Under Osterloh, the business economist, who comes from an Italian family, was already Group Vice President and General Works Council.

More than 67,600 Volkswagen employees were called to vote for the local representation in Wolfsburg. Results were also announced for other locations on Friday night. At the engine plant and future battery cells in Salzgitter, IG Metall received more than 90 percent of the vote, as did in Emden, Kassel and Braunschweig. In Hannover he had previously achieved a little less.


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