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IG Metall achieves a strong result in the VW works council elections in Wolfsburg

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IG Metall won a clear victory in the works council elections at the VW site in Wolfsburg. The list of IG Metall, with the head of the works council Daniela Cavallo at the head, obtained 85.5 percent of the votes and thus secured 66 of the 73 mandates of the works council, as the union announced on Friday morning. evening. Voting had taken place in recent days largely by mail. The other seven lists that competed in the election received between 0.4 and 6.1 percent of the vote.

“The employees have once again expressed their trust in us, with an overwhelming majority, with whom we continue our work”, said Cavallo. Recent years have been “characterized by the corona pandemic, semiconductor shortages, part-time work and now Putin’s war against Ukraine,” he added. All this tests the employees, who are also worried about their future. “Under these predictions, we obtained a very strong electoral result that gives us a clear mandate,” Cavallo said.

Last May, Cavallo replaced Bernd Osterloh, who had been head of the general works council for many years, and who moved to the board of VW subsidiary Traton. In the 2018 works council elections, IG Metall won 85.85 percent at the main plant in Wolfsburg.


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