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IFS is recognized by Gartner and IDC for its enterprise resource management software solutions

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MADRID, June 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

The enterprise IFS strengthens his position Market leadership in the field of enterprise cloud software, Ranked #1 in Gartner’s EAM market share analysis based on revenue and named a leader in 2022 in IDC MarketScape for SaaS and Cloud Manufacturing ERP, the company highlighted in a statement.

The report ‘Gartner Market Share: Enterprise Resource Planning Worldwide’ aims to provide an overview of total ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software revenue from 2020-2021 and vendor market share for all ERP submarkets including Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) section as a separate category.

“These achievements reinforce IFS’ firm commitment to brand extension Y Expand your presence with existing customers. It is another example of the commitment and investment IFS has made over the years in EAM and more recently in the latest release of IFS Cloud in April 2022,” explains Gonzalo Valle, Presales Manager of IFS Iberia.

The IFS EAM solution is a flexible, composable, cloud-native solution designed to address the complex asset needs of the energy and utilities, construction and engineering, manufacturing, services, aerospace and and defense industry to cope with. IFS EAM automates asset management to control maintenance and optimize performance of assets in a single solution that also enables working online and offline in a native mobile app.


On the other hand, the IDC consultancy positions the company as a leading provider of SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP applications for manufacturing. This study evaluates the most popular software solutions and analyzes the trends impacting the global manufacturing industry including customer and product market expectations as well as personalized delivery and services.

Also consider unforeseen events and demand shocks, and how manufacturing organizations do that prioritize digitally They are shifting their focus to SaaS and the cloud to provide flexible and agile ERP applications. “In this regard, IFS’ deep industry experience, innovative and flexible IFS Cloud solution and service management expertise have been critical to its growth and continued success,” says the company.

The report confirms the “depth” and “breadth” of IFS’ knowledge of the manufacturing industry, Highlighting how the specialist offers solutions for all four manufacturing value chains: Asset Oriented (AOVC), Brand Oriented (BOVC), Engineering Oriented (EOVC) and Technology Oriented (TOVC).

“Disruption remains an ongoing challenge for the manufacturing industry. The ability to adapt, be agile and resilient is critical for businesses, especially those with complex operations but also committed to innovation and customer experience. At IFS, we help them navigate their journey to digitalization, not only by supporting key business functions, but also, and perhaps most excitingly, Innovate your future with new ways to apply technology” concludes Antony Bourne, SVP Industries at IFS.

Source europapress.es

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