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Ideas for a holiday mood in your own home

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Whether indoors or out, some holiday feeling is sure to happen with cool summer decorations. We will now tell you how to turn your home into a vacation paradise in just a few simple steps.

Warm temperatures, airy clothes, a touch of lightness – when summer is fast approaching, not only the temperatures rise, but also the good mood. This can be done with the right summer decoration Bring that vacation feeling into your own home. That’s how it’s done!

Summer decoration: 5 ideas for a holiday feeling at home

1. Bright colors

Whether inside your home, on the balcony or in the garden: bright colors are simply part of summer. Whether it’s the glow of citrus fruits is where the pink of the succulent watermelonwhich offers us a gentle refreshment in summer, the strong green meadow, on which one prefers to walk barefoot or the bright blue sky – Nature gives us a lot of inspiration (color) for summer decorations.

2. Pillows, blankets, bedding

The easiest way to refresh summer decor with bright colors is with the right pillowcases and blankets. You can do it yourself Focus on tone-on-tone monochromatic fabrics, combine them or work directly with matching patterns.

Many people have special, thinner duvets for the warmer months. You can also use your bedding to spread the summer vibes. With lightweight fabrics like linen Where summer colors and patterns your bedroom will be radiating that holiday feeling in no time – from Lighthouse above popsicle.

Our secret crush in terms of “summer patterns”: a shower curtain with a holiday pattern. It puts you in a good mood early in the morning.

3. Decorative items

Symbols, colors and patterns of summer also play a major role in summer decoration in the field of decorative objects and figures. In addition to the types of fruit already mentioned and their bright colors, there are also more subtle variants: North Sea and Baltic Sea fans can agree on the blue and white color combination just as much as the Greece fans. Maritime motifs such as seagulls, anchors, shells and more spread maximum wanderlust.

Functional objects such as plates, fruit or candy bowls, lamps or vases can convey the feeling of summer just as much as pure “objects of interest” with no immediate task.

4. Table decoration

For a beautiful table decoration you can also use the during the warmer months corresponding to dishes worries. Depending on how “thick” you want to raise, you can between delicate summer patterns brightly colored patterns Select.

Just a little bit fresh flowers, beautiful lanterns and lanternsso you can still enjoy the milder evening hours outdoors, and have your summer table for friends and family ready.

5. Lights

Among other things, the summer months have two wonderful advantages: it stays bright for a long time and when it gets dark we regularly enjoy mild summer evenings, which we can comfortably end in the open air. For a particularly pleasant ambience, the right lights help once again. Whether lanterns or outdoor fairy lights – depending on taste and general conditions, there are many possibilities.

You can’t go wrong with one (or more) lanterns when it comes to “mood light”. The flickering of the candles and the soft glow spread a romantic calm that quickly spreads to us humans. Lanterns made from natural materials such as woodclay or ceramics go perfectly with the outdoor ambience, but also the lanterns Glass Where metalin which a pattern has been punched, have their appeal.

If you have trees or a canopy, you can use them to lanterns (with LED lights) to hang up. When choosing the right lanterns, you need to pay attention to how they will be hung against the weather. Instead of the classic paper lanterns, there are also very nice weatherproof models.

Fairy lights are the all-rounder among light sources. If approved for outdoor use, they can be attached to the balcony railing or garden fence, placed in lanterns or other elegant glasses/bowls, “set” in trees or plants more large or daisy-chained over an umbrella or sunroof. As the fairy lights are available in all colors and shapes, you will always find the right model for your desired area of ​​application. Particularly practical: a Fairy lights with solar cell.

Summary: How to turn your home into a vacation paradise

To transform an apartment or a house into a place to relax at home, sometimes all you need is a few accessories. With these tips, you too can dream of sea, mountains or exotic countries at home:

  • bright colors and subtle, warm light sources
  • Citrus or other “summer fruits” on laundry and dishes
  • lightweight fabrics like linen and silk, pure cotton
  • maritime motifs: With shells, fish, waves and sand or other natural materials such as raffia or straw, you can almost hear the sound of waves and the cry of seagulls.
  • (presumed) holiday paraphernalia such as straw hats, sombreros, castanets, tagines, etc.
  • You don’t like bright colors and the sea offers you no decorative incentive? Then you can also provide a summer decoration with oriental accents. After all, what region is more synonymous with warm days, sunshine and vacations than the Orient?

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