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Iceta defends the exhibitors: “In the cinema you can also say that size matters”



the Minister of Education, Mikel Iceta, today defended the experience of enjoying a movie on the big screen. “In the cinema, you can also say that size matters and it’s quite different to see a film on a big screenin a room with good sound and share that experience with others who don’t,” he told RNE in an interview collected by Europa Press.

In this sense, he recalled the impact that the pandemic has had on this type of cultural expression, as people cannot leave the house and the population has become accustomed to watching cinema from the comfort of their own sofa. As he commented, this situation justifies the “efforts” of the Ministry of Culture to get people back on the streets for a live cultural experience.


At least when it comes to the question of possible “clouds” in culture in the coming months Forecast of an economic recessionthe minister is confident that the cultural sector will not be affected because “it would be a morrocotudo mistake”.

In this sense, he also recalled the recent positive experiences with the pandemic in the So many people” has found refuge in culture and from which the book market has emerged “strengthened”.

In short, he wishes culture to accompany and be “a very important spiritual sustenance” regardless of the economic situation. Iceta believes that the pandemic was “unfortunately” an example of how to overcome a very difficult situation, thanks to those windows and doors that culture opens and that allow us to live “several lives in one”.

You have to read, you have to go to the cinema instead of the theatre, enjoy a dance show, this summer’s concerts, because otherwise life isn’t worth much, really.‘ Iceta encouraged.

For this reason, he hopes that the culture voucher will be an “important and dynamic support” for the industry and sees a “great effort” by society as a whole to put culture “at the center” of life and to promote economic activity. In this way, ensures that in culture the effort of the state and of each individual citizen who pays taxes has “many returns” economically, for each person and for society.

“A society that goes to the cinema, to the theater and enjoys the creations of its creators is a richer society, it is a freer society and also one that is more critical, more demanding‘ added Iceta, who has faith that the Spanish will progress beyond the prophets of disaster because their people have great strength and have come out of much worse.


Source europapress.es

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