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I was successful twice, so he asked for the discount. Milan draws inspiration from the power of Expo 2020 Dubai (photos)

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The Milan team was eager to visit Expo 2020 Dubai for the third time, in light of their fierce fight for the Italian League title during the current season.

Last September, Milan announced a collaboration agreement with Expo 2020 Dubai, under which the first international Expo to be held in the Middle East becomes an official partner of the Rossoneri.

During that period, Milan visited Expo 2020 in Dubai, after which they achieved positive results on the way to crowning the Italian League title after a long period of absence, which they hope to achieve after the third visit, which precedes the last. international. stop in season.

The first visit was last February, hours before the Derby of Rage against the traditional Inter Milan, which ended in a 2-1 Rossoneri victory.

The visit was repeated during the month of March, specifically before the match against Cagliari, which Milan decided in their favor, to place themselves at the top of the Italian league table, 3 points behind their runner-up Napoli.

The third visit was on Tuesday, March 22, with the presence of coach Stefano Pioli and first team players Brahim Diaz and Fikayo Tomori, where they provided a training session for the children, as well as a live question and answer session to which attended by hundreds of fans.

Milan at Expo 2020 Dubai

The trio transferred their experiences and showcased their skills during the training session for dozens of kids affiliated with Expo 2020 Dubai’s Milan Junior Academy at the Sports and Fitness Center, before heading to the celebration park for an evening event that included a question: question and answer session, distribution of gifts to fans and free presentation of football skills.

The two players went up to the podium first, where they talked about various things, starting with the success of the club so far this season, through the stardom of his teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to the locker room dumps and the amount of pasta they eat, Pioli then joined them for a question-and-answer session in Italian.

Milan at Expo 2020 Dubai

Before the Q&A session, Fikayo Tomori spoke about her visit to Expo 2020 Dubai, saying, “It’s fun to know everything that’s happening here, and I’m glad we were able to come and see it all with our own eyes. Of course we enjoyed playing with the children today, and we are very happy to be here”.

Tomori expressed his optimism about Milan’s run for the rest of the current season, saying: “We are in a position to make a remarkable achievement, it is true that we are under pressure, but in my opinion it is the pressure that we enjoy, and it forces us to achieve more positive results and motivates us to win, and I hope we will celebrate “At the end of the season with a remarkable achievement.”

Milan last won the Italian league title 11 years ago, in the 2010-2011 season, before their results dropped significantly in the following period.

Milan at Expo 2020 Dubai

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